Friday, January 14, 2011

A vet visit and deep snow.

Yesterday was an eventful day. I was awake at 5:41 a.m. and was unable to get back to sleep, so I started the day grouchy and upset. I stayed in bed until 8 a.m., in an act of rebellion. Then I got up and fed the masses, including the horses. The vet was going to be arriving at 9:30 a.m. to float their teeth. Basically, that means filing them down so there are no sharp ones or ones that are too long. It makes it so they can chew their food better, and it helps them avoid painful sores in their mouths. I wanted to put the girls' halters on before the vet arrived so I took them into the fence and headed to Maybelline first. She was not really excited about it, but she didn't give me too much trouble. Sasha was a little more work. I had to have my arm around her neck and fight with her for a few minutes, and then when I slipped it over her nose she bit me. I was so mad! I gave her a slap on the nose with the halter and then put it on properly. I could not believe she did that. It was only a nip, but the attitude made me mad. It didn't bode well for later. I knew what the vet was going to do to them, and I was dreading it.

I was already grumpy, but then I had to shovel the walk. That was a painful experience in itself, given my already sore muscles from a week of intense workouts. The rest of the morning was all right. I was outside for two hours and got so cold that I am literally still cold this morning. My mom and sister left after lunch. (My mom stayed in the house with the boys while I was with the vet and Andrea was there because her horse was getting done too.) The only good part about it was how amusing it was leading Sasha after she got sedated. She was totally drunk in less than 30 seconds. I thought she'd fall over as I led her to where the vet wanted her.

I skipped my afternoon workout with zero guilt. The previous day was supposed to be a day off but I did a workout anyway, so yesterday I was free and clear. I napped. It was so nice to have a rest.

Today I was supposed to go to town to meet Mike, who is there for something work-related, but we got a massive dump of snow, which rendered yesterday's shovelling job completely void. It looks like the roads are bad, so I don't want to take the boys on the highway. I was very blessed to have something of a sleep-in this morning because Mike gave the boys his iPad before he left. When I did go to the kitchen for breakfast, it was silent in the house. Micah was still sleeping and the other two were in their room with the door shut. I kept stepping in water on the floor, which is one of my pet peeves. I ignored it in favour of getting my breakfast in peace and quiet. It was not long before Jamie emerged and announced to me that he had peed on the kitchen floor. Horrified, I asked him to show me where. He pointed to where I had stepped in a puddle. It figures. I wiped the wet spots with a paper towel. It turned yellow. I could see my day was off to a wonderful start. A while later, Micah puked on the living room floor for no apparent reason. Is this becoming a weekly occurrence? He looks so pathetic with his little black eye.

Anyway, that's my day so far. I am just trying to survive until after lunch when I will somehow have to attempt a really difficult workout when all I want to do is curl up in a ball under my covers and go back to sleep. I hope I will be able to pull it off. I guess the best part about today is that it's Friday. I hope Mike and I will be able to have a fun time in the evening. We might even indulge in some popcorn. I better sign off so I can start preparing lunch.

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