Thursday, January 20, 2011

When the downward spiral is a good thing...

Our toilets don't work. They haven't for several days now. It concerns me. Apparently we have an issue because our stack on our roof got blocked with snow. Our roof is tin, so climbing on it in winter is something of a suicide mission. I wonder, will we have to wait until spring to flush the toilets? No good. I might live in the boonies, but I value our indoor plumbing. So in true redneck style, I found a way to flush that works on both toilets. All you have to do is hold the flusher down until the water gets fairly low and then when you can see it is no longer spinning, madly dump a big pail of water down with as much violence as possible. Works like a charm. Phew. A little more backsplash than I like in a toilet, but maybe tonight I will not dream about overflow like I did last night.

I have been careful not to post in here because things have been rather rough here this week. Yesterday was particularly disastrous, and I was extremely discouraged and upset. Somehow, I got a much better sleep last night, so I was able to hold it together a little better today, but it was still like a very thin layer of calm that was covering the storm underneath. The day was not all good, but it was so much better than yesterday. Now I know that tomorrow is Friday, which means it is the last day I have to face alone this week. Once in a while I go through a time like this where it is hard to just survive each hour of each day. I hope this one won't last long. The toilet thing just adds to the stress, but at least there is a way to flush now. It's almost supper time, so I'm going to sign off. Hopefully I'll have a good report tomorrow.

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