Monday, February 7, 2011

First day of Kindergarten...sort of.

I'm in for a challenge today. I suppose it already has been. For some reason, Cody is having a bad day. He has been rebellious and rude, which is really not typical of him anymore. Usually I have more trouble with Jamie, being that he is three, which is a brutal age in my experience so far.

We made it through all the tantrums and outbursts, but not without a very lengthy series of time-outs. Yikes. Then, I got Cody's stuff packed so he could go to Junior Kindergarten this afternoon. It's his first day. When I was nearly ready to get them dressed to go out the door, I discovered that one of our cats peed on Cody's winter jacket and Jamie's ski pants. I was furious! I could not send Cody to school with cat pee on his jacket, and it's the only one I have that fits him. So I had to send him in Jamie's jacket, which is way too short on the sleeves. I feel horrible about it. Sure enough, I found out when I got there that he will indeed be going out for recess today. In a jacket that is way too small for him. It is currently -25 C with the wind chill. Poor Cody. I'm washing his jacket right now, along with Jamie's ski pants. Jamie has spare jackets and ski pants, so he was okay. It was still not ideal, but we made it work.

So Cody is now at his first day of Jr. K, which is at the actual school, with the kindergarten class. I was thinking about it on my way home, and once we get into this routine, this is going to seriously lessen the stress of Cody starting school in the fall. I'm talking for me, not for him. I already knew it would lessen it for him, but in a sense, today was his first day of real school, so I have gotten past that milestone. On the other hand, it is only for the afternoon, whereas once he starts in the fall it will be full days.

Anyway, I am absent minded here. I had something to say but can't remember what it was. I cannot work out this afternoon because there is not enough time before I have to go back to pick him up again, so I'm going to take this last hour to work on some writing. I'm off!


Christy said...

So what did he think of his first afternoon in Jr K? And how do you feel now that he's been there and had a little while to think on it? I can only imagine the emotions that arose upon discovery of the cats' 'present' that day! Christy

CAT said...

He loved Jr. K and I'm quite happy with it. I think he will truly thrive there, not that I'm surprised. And yes, I was more than a little distraught about the cat pee. I'm not sure what happened or why, but if we only had one cat it would have suffered that day. As it is, I can only hypothesize about which one did it. I have a good idea, but technically I have no proof, so not much I can do about it. If it were warmer out I might boot them outside, but not sure. I'm not very harsh on my animals. I would not have the nerve to make them outdoor only cats. I'd feel really guilty and sad too.