Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'd be lying if I said today was not a rough day. The boys got us up at 6 a.m. as usual, only this time the day started with Jamie having an accident that was bad enough to require a shower. He is still suffering from lingering flu symptoms, so you get what I'm talking about here. I found him in the bathroom with nothing on, and had to lift him straight into the shower. I never found his clothes though. Mike had the pleasure of stepping in them when he went into the kitchen for breakfast. Yikes. I guess that means his day officially started off worse than mine did.

I tried desperately to get back to sleep. It did not happen. Once again I was extremely upset by the time I forced myself out of bed, which was around 7:30 or so. The boys were loud and obnoxious, as they are every morning before sunrise. I started the day in a horrible mood yet again. The first couple of hours of the morning were not good. Cody was also in a mood, though I don't know what his excuse was. Finally I decided to get proactive and try to emulate those moms who really have it together. Surely if I did some kind of fun activity with them or employed some type of schedule of activities they would be happier and therefore easier to deal with. I pulled out a bunch of colouring books complete with stickers, and markers and crayons and sat all three of them at the table together. Great! It was working. They were happy and occupied. For a while. Honestly, I don't even remember what happened after that. All I know is, as a special treat, right after lunch I pulled out Jamie's Lightning McQueen tent and set it up for them in their room. Micah was sleeping and I really wanted to have a shower. So, I told them there were only two rules. This was the quiet time of the day, as they know from every day, so the rules were: No hypering, and Play quietly. That's it. That was all they had to do. I even gave them Mike's miniature air hockey table to play with inside of the tent. Then I went to have my shower.

When I came out, they were jumping on the beds, jumping onto the floor off of the beds with massive thumps, screaming, running up and down the hall nearly fast enough to suck the paint off the walls and shouting as they went. I could NOT believe it. Maybe that is because I am an idiot. How could I possibly believe that a three year old and an almost five year old would actually follow the rules? Well, I did. At any rate, things got much worse from there. Cody got very belligerent and had several time outs. Jamie had a monumental meltdown because I forced him to use the toilet. I had to. He hadn't gone in like six hours and the last time I let him be, he ended up peeing all down his legs and into his rubber boots, which he wears nearly all day. Well, not since he peed in them, but prior to that. I can't even describe the level of meltdown that he had. His bladder had to be absolutely bursting but he still sat on the toilet for a good fifteen minutes bawling and howling at me before he even allowed himself to go.

So, as sickening as it must be to read this in nearly every post these days, I am completely fried and I don't even know what to do with myself. Right now, Mike is eating supper with the boys. I am opting out. I am not hungry, and I certainly am not craving their company right now. Is this normal? Probably not. I don't remember my mother ever skipping meals to hide in her room, but she must have been tempted. I'd love a good dose of chocolate right now. It obviously would not help, but it would feel good for the moment. If I were a drinker, my bet is that a glass of wine would be calming. A hot tub would be heavenly right now. By myself, I mean. Or, a hotel. With a hot tub. I'm still craving my hotel experience.

I could say more, but I think I'll stop for now. This desperate house-mom needs to search for her sanity. Oh how I hope winter leaves soon. I really think that would help in many ways! Bye for now.

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