Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Horsey fun outside. (Lots of pictures.)

We are officially more than half way through February, which brings us that much closer to spring. Today the sun was shining and though the wind was very strong, it was a gorgeous day with temperatures just above zero and snow melting all around. That is not to say we don't have a ton of snow left, but at least we made some progress today.

I could post about my weekend away, which went really well, by the way. I could do a post about Valentine's Day, which is a delightful non-holiday for some and a depressing over-commercialized day to remind others of their singleness. For me it is somewhere in the middle, but yesterday was nice and though it was not an exciting day, it was enjoyable.

Instead, I have to post some pictures on here because I think they are fun and cute. Today my sister came over to ride her horse for the first time since some time early last summer, or perhaps late last spring. This was the first time she rode him since she had her baby in December, and it went very well. Getting on a horse for the first time in a long time is therapeutic, provided they don't do something stupid and dump you, which he didn't. I did not choose to get on, though I could have. I can't decide whether I was too nervous, or whether it was because the sun had gone away and then the wind got quite chilly.

What did happen was that once Indy was being ridden outside the fence, Maybelline and Sasha went crazy inside and galloped back and forth along the fence whinnying and bucking and just being very silly. So I took lots of pictures and I am going to post a bunch in here. Here we go.

This is Maybelline. She is Mike's, and is a paint, for anyone who does not know. She doesn't look like a paint, but she is! She is the only one of our herd right now that doesn't look too bad with her winter hair. 

Here's Maybelline again. Can you tell she is half Thoroughbred?

And Maybelline, in mid-whinny. She is a talker. She whinnies every time we come out of the house, but today it was extreme as she called to Indy over and over again. She is very cute.

Here is Sasha. She is mine, again for anyone who does not know. She is a Quarterhorse and is just turning four years old. She is also the one who bucked me off in August. I look forward to riding her again in the spring, once I get up the nerve. 

Here she is again, a nice action shot. That's my girl.

I love this picture. They were both hopping and bucking around and this shot captures that action. Check their front hooves. Maybelline is especially funny in this one.

Here they were taking a rest, but watching Indy intently.

Another shot of Sasha pacing the fence line. She is not normally this active so it was fun to see her running around.

Another rest while they looked for their buddy. Well, Maybelline's buddy. Sasha doesn't really care for Indy, but he's still the herd leader so I guess she did all this out of respect. Or maybe peer pressure.

Maybelline comes flying down the fence line. Glad she didn't just jump right out of the fence!

And here is Sasha galloping along the fence in the trees. She holds her tail like an Arab, which is kind of funny. What a fancy girl!

So, that's all I want to share today. I had a nice time outside and got some good pictures out of the deal too. Cody had Jr. K this afternoon which went well, and the boys did lots of bike riding outside. Oh, maybe I need to add a few more pictures. Just a sec...

This is Cody on his bike, racing his auntie on her horse. Needless to say, Cody won every time. Hehe.

And now everything is falling to pieces as two pyjama-clad boys just snuck into the kitchen and drank water out of the fridge (which I had forbidden just minutes ago) and the third pyjama-clad boy is standing in front of me wailing pathetically and using his guilt-tripping powers to make me feel terrible that I am not holding him right now. So, it is time for me to sign off. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Jo said...

Great post! Love the photos. Now, is the rail fence really small, or does the horse make it look tiny or the camera angle? It looked like she could step over it, which made me laugh. I did notice the dainty hoof stepping as well...cute!

CAT said...

Jo, the fence is not short, it's just that the ground keeps getting higher from all the snow and ice buildup. Haha! So in comparison to them, it really is low right now. They couldn't step over it, but they could very easily jump. I'm glad they have chosen not to. I will be glad when the ground recedes a bit so the fence is back to a more appropriate height! Andrea's horse is a trained jumper and he has not bothered, so I think we're good. Hehe. Then again, Sasha got out once in the fall and we don't know how she did it. Maybe she did jump! Good thing they are so dependent on us for their food right now.