Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why can't the snow be the one having the meltdowns?

Oh wow. This has been an interesting week. Cody started Junior Kindergarten on Monday and I discovered just how difficult it is to put an 18 month old, a three year old and a four and a half year old in winter stuff, carry multiple bags and the 18 month old to the van while continually hollering at the other two to get in the van and into their car seats, then buckle in the 18 month old, go around and climb in the back of the van to buckle in the three year old, and then shut the door, get in the driver's seat and continue nagging the four year old to do up his seatbelt. Then, to navigate the icy gravel roads to the highway and into town and park outside the school yard and then unload all three and carry the 18 month old across the entire field and playground while waiting for the three year old, who is walking at approximately half a sloth's top speed, and while continuously tripping on the four year old, who keeps stopping right in front of me. Meanwhile my arms are falling off and I'm thinking, "What am I doing here?!" and I can't wait for this snow to melt. Of course, then we'll do the whole routine again through a muddy field. So, terrible or not, I determined that I will be leaving thing number two and thing number three in the van from now on. The van is never out of my sight, so I think it's pretty safe. That makes it easier for sure.

I also found out it is very difficult to get anything done in the afternoon between getting Micah settled for a nap, getting Jamie settled into whatever he is doing, doing laundry or dishes, or whatever needs to be done. Okay, I can get stuff done. What I meant was, I can't do a workout that easily, and I also can't get much writing done. Too many interruptions. Dang.

On Tuesday I was talking to my sister on the phone and I looked out the window to behind the round pen and I saw Sasha, my horse, laying on her back in the snow, all four feet in the air, not moving. There was a light dusting of snow all over her belly, and Indy was there, sniffing her feet. He would nudge her back foot and it would flop back to where it had been with no visible response from her. I freaked out. I was alone with the boys, but needed to get out there right away. By all appearances, she was dead. I hung up the phone and ran around for about a minute like the proverbial decapitated chicken and then called Mike, thinking if he were nearly home I could just run outside and not worry about the boys. Then while his phone rang, I looked out the window and Sasha was standing there with Indy, all casual and normal. It would seem she tried to roll in the snow and got stuck on her back because the snow was so deep. Yet another reason why I'm done with winter.

The whole week has been a grouchy and snarly one, and today is no different. I'm not talking about myself, though I am certainly in their camp now. I am now hiding in my room with the door locked. Micah is napping and I am hoping the other two can keep from killing each other long enough to give me a bit of a break. I can't do my workout today. This week has been a pretty big failure in that respect. I got a migraine this morning and though it has improved, it has got me feeling a bit dead on my feet.  We will be away this weekend, so I will not be making up for it then either. Hopefully I can get back on track on Monday. Tomorrow is Jr. K, so it is unlikely I will work out then either. I will likely be packing and cleaning in preparation for out trip. We'll see.

Now it's time to sign off so I can try to rest a little before things get ugly again. I probably won't have time for this tomorrow, but you never know. Bye for now.


Allison said...

Well my friend, what can I say - definitely your life is never ever boring! I have no words of wisdom, nothing to offer really at all other than a virtual hug...and I'm thinking of you and prayers for you.


CAT said...

Thanks Allison. Truly, I am surviving and I really believe part of the problem is being so cooped up when it's so cold out. I expect things will improve substantially in the spring! Now I'm off to rescue Micah from his nap. He is wailing and sounds quite devastated. No idea what happened in there!

Anonymous said...

anI am back, I just wrote you an e mail, so u'lll ge4t the dets. I love you!

Glad Sasha is ok. Well I have to go read all your posts since this is the first time I have been on the computer in 5 weeks.

Miss u!