Friday, March 11, 2011


We are more than a week into March and the only kind of blizzard I want to experience is the kind from Dairy Queen. However, there is a major system assaulting our province right now. Mike stayed home today, as did Cody, who was devastated to miss his very first field trip. The entire school division was shut down.

Now we are hunkered down for a cozy evening in. The boys are all in bed, two sleeping and Micah just down. I'm thankful not to be going anywhere today, and I'm thankful my week ended on a positive note. I'm off to spend an evening with Mike. Bye for now.

Hm. On second thought, the evening might not be a great one after all. We have just had two power failures in the last half hour and Micah is terrified. We just put him back to bed, but he's crying pretty hard. Hopefully he'll be okay. We also have diaper laundry running, so if we have power outages all evening we're kind of in a bad situation there too! Hopefully there won't be much of an update to give on this situation. It would be nice if the rest of the evening was relaxing. Gotta love that Manitoba weather. Sheesh.

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