Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodbye, Oreo.

My bunny died tonight. I had to have him put to sleep. He was old, just 20 days shy of turning ten, very old for a rabbit. He was very sick. He had gone blind in one eye a year ago and recently went blind in his other eye. On Friday he became paralyzed in his back end and could not sit up or stand. He could not eat or drink without assistance, and he was a mess because when he peed or pooped he was just laying there so it soaked into his fur. I spent this afternoon with him, bathing him and helping him drink. The boys helped me feed him apples. I took him to the closest vet I could get to tonight as we are being hit by a blizzard (yeah I know, way to go spring,) and I was afraid I would not be able to travel tomorrow. I wish I could have gone to a clinic in the city because there is a vet there that I really like. I spoke to her on the phone today about Oreo. She has a bunny too and was very compassionate. The vet I ended up seeing was very rude to me. She guilt tripped me about her long day and about Oreo's condition. She asked me if he had a name, as though I did not care about him at all. What kind of question is that? Of course he had a name. If he didn't, it is doubtful that I would bother taking him to the vet at all. I was so angry at her. She showed zero compassion even though I was out of control crying the whole time. She did not even say hi to me when I walked in the door, even though she knew full well why I was there. (I had called and arranged to come in and see her.)

Anyway, I am very sad and feeling very alone. I loved my rabbit. He was my very first fur baby. He was funny and bratty and very silly and adorable. He destroyed more cords than I can count in our house, and he was our personal paper shredder. He let the boys play with him and he loved cats too, even though our two never cared much for him. I will never have another rabbit. I always wanted one, and Oreo was it. I just had to post this. Here are some pictures of my dear bunny.

Oreo on his fourth birthday.

Oreo at four years old with Cricket at three years old.

Oreo was seven in the rest of these, and Cody was only two. They hung out a lot. Oreo let him do all this stuff to him and never protested. It was adorable.

Oreo was "having his diaper changed" here by Cody, complete with wipes, on the change pad.

I will miss you, Oreo.


Allison said...

So sorry to hear of your Oreo dying! Loosing a fur baby is so hard. Thinking of you. Allison

Jo said...

So sorry sweetie! My little hop-a-long bunny met his demise by an owl and even though I was 4 at the time, I've never forgotten him. They can be so sweet! Glad you had Oreo!