Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm back.

So I did get a weekend away. It was not the weekend I described a while back. I did not pack up and check into a hotel by myself for a good 48 hours of solitude and peace. I went to a women's retreat with two dear friends of mine from years ago. We certainly did have fun and it was a time of renewing, but it was not what I would call quiet. I was in a room with four bunk beds and there were eight women assigned to my room, which meant I knew only two out of seven. One did not show up the first night, and the second night two of them moved to a different room because ours was just so crowded. I did meet lots of great women, and I also ran into another dear friend from university whom I have not seen in around ten years. That was a treat for sure! I am going to do some specific writing about the retreat, but I will likely share it in my other blog because it is a lot more personal than what I normally write in here.

I will say that when I returned home shortly after 5 p.m. on Sunday, I was very glad to see all of my boys, including Mike! I also have discovered as of today that I think I need to leave every weekend. Haha. This morning was so bad, I don't even think it would be a good idea to describe it in here. I find myself wondering how I will survive the day to day trials of this period of my life. When Mike got home from work yesterday the boys were being very bad and he said, "I just need a break," and he proceeded to hide in our bedroom. I was quite horrified. He said the weekend was hard, which I don't doubt. But all I could think was that he only had two solid days with the boys and was losing it, but I have to do that every day of the week. On the other hand, normally I have backup when he gets home from work, but yesterday when he said that I freaked out, thinking I had now lost my backup. I know Mike plans to go away for at least one weekend this summer for a golfing thing, so I will have the joy of being on my own for two solid days and nights with the boys. I just hope this snow goes away soon. That really would make a huge difference.

Today is the first of March, a date that is even more thrilling and hope-filled than the first of February. Instead of glorious spring weather, today we have a psychotic wind, and the temperature is -35 with the wind chill as a result. That is seriously ridiculous. We have an insane amount of snow too. It feels like winter is here to stay.

And even now I am forced to administer yet another time out for Jamie, who is ALWAYS in trouble. I am beyond frustrated with this kid and do not even know what to do with him. I don't want to list all the things he has done today, lest any of my readers then label him in their minds as a bad kid. I love Jamie. He is cute and hilarious, and extremely loveable. But for some reason, today he is deliberately doing terrible things. REALLY terrible. I spoke to my mom on the phone this morning and she said it might have to do with me being away all weekend. Maybe that's it. Micah is also out of sorts today, though I was afraid this morning that he may have had an ear infection. Now I don't think so, but he is definitely more moody than normal. Maybe his bottom eye teeth are coming in, now that the top two have popped through.

So I guess the bottom line is, I had a great weekend away, and now I am back to the reality of dealing with very young children all day. It's not all bad, and I am glad to be here with my boys. I just have to find a way to make it through each day in a positive way so I don't spontaneously run away every weekend. I think we're going to bake cookies together when Cody comes home. Hopefully there won't be a toy in the oven this time when I preheat it. I don't want another fire. I'm off for now.

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Jo said...

A change is as good as a rest?
The more you do weekends away, etc , the more they will adjust to it. It is good for them to see you looking after yourself and having a life beyond the house. Our girls always loved having a sitter for special "dates" etc. It was mainly with Aunties, etc, grandparents, but they needed a change as much as us. Your time will come and keep preserving!