Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lululemon Rant

Okay, just for fun, let me get this off my chest. What the heck is Lululemon, anyway? To me, it sounds like a cartoon television show made for girls ages 8-12. Imagine my surprise when I found out it is a clothing store for women. Okay, I can live with that. The name is a bit fluffy and ridiculous for my tastes, but I'm sure there are other stores with odd names. What really gets me about this line of clothing is that it seems to be in high demand. People are willing to pay exorbitant prices just for this brand. Hm. So I looked at their website, and lo and behold, they sell yoga clothes. Well, workout clothes, in general, I guess. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. People who work out do need clothes to work out in, after all.

Here's the part that I find a little hard to swallow. The prices on their yoga tanks, or workout tanks, average at $52 each. The lowest one was $39 and the highest one was $68. Wow! This is an article of clothing that is going to be used purely as a sweat soaker. Hm. Okay, let's look at their yoga pants. Even better, the majority of them are $98 with the lowest being $74 and the highest rounding off at an even $108. Am I the only one floored by this? Don't worry though, if you can't afford yoga pants that are almost $100, you can go for the cropped version that end mid calf or just below the knees. Surely these are cheaper, with them having less fabric and all. Let's see. The majority are running at $86, with the lowest being $68 and the highest at $92. If you want to dramatically cut back on the fabric, go for a skirt or a pair of shorts. Those are running at $48 to $54 for shorts and $54 to $58 for skirts. It is hard to exaggerate just how little fabric the skirts are comprised of. They are difficult to distinguish from the shorts, and I have to wonder who would want to work out in one of those. Then again, the models all look like they are about twelve, so tiny are their little legs and torsos. You can even by a pair of running socks for a mere $14.00.

Okay, so we have established that the store is full of clothing made to sweat in, and it is all very expensive. Let's take it a step further. On our local classifieds there are currently 27 Lululemon items for sale. (I must emphasize that this is a very small community.) Of those items, the highest cost is $85 for a pair of pants. Four of the items are sports bras. Let's take a moment to consider this. Is there anyone out there desperate enough for this name brand that they are willing to buy a used sports bra for $25? This is an article that won't even be seen from the outside. I can't understand why anyone would buy used workout clothing. The whole thing is just ridiculous. It's just a brand name, for crying out loud. I don't see what is so fabulous about this store! Who would want to buy someone else's used pants for $85? Especially workout pants?

I guess that's all I will say about the lovely and obsessive world of Lululemon. I suppose I sound like an old fogie. I am a mother now. I have to think practically. I have never been much of a trendy girl, and when I work out, I do it alone. Well, sometimes my boys watch me, but they are all under five years old, so they don't count as real spectators. Would I like to have some comfortable and practical workout clothes that looked decent? Yes. Absolutely. Would I pay close to $150 for such an outfit? Never. Unless I was a workout instructor and making a dvd to sell on an infomercial, no.

There it is. I have no style. For now, I am okay with that. I will use my money for something else, thank you. But, to each his own. Or her own. I guess if people are willing to pay that kind of money, that is their business. For now, I will continue to roll my eyes whenever I see another used workout bra in the classifieds for an exorbitant price.


Jo said...

Oh cousin you are so funny! I was exactly like you...until my hubby brought home a bag of clothing from the Share SHed. Inside was some Lululemon pants, etc. THEY FEEL AWESOME! Seeing as they wre FREE, they feel even better! Like 2nd skin. I understand now why people want to live in them...but I still don't think they are acceptible as "work clothes"..."workout", yes. Not to work. I will let those quick trips to the store by, and I wore they in the summer as we were travelling. SUPER comfy. BUT mine were FREE...I'll keep my eye out for some in your size! hee hee

CAT said...

Haha Jo, the sad thing is, they don't even come in my size. Maybe that's why they irritate me so much! I can't even try them to see what all the fuss is about! Maybe some day, but even then, I hope mine are free too!

Allison said...

Ooo, I was just going to add to your rant - the SIZING!!! Why is it that companies like this seem to believe that only women size 10 and under exercise and move around AND might enjoy wearing something lovely and comfy in the meantime??????? I also wouldn't pay full price for their clothing but maybe a splurge on sale but alas like so many other companies it is not even an option. I run into this issue with quick dry travel clothes as well. Either no one believes that women my size exercise and travel or they believe we shouldn't?? Okay, that's my rant :-) Allison

CAT said...

That's great, Allison. I totally agree. Grrr.