Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh boy.

Friday has come and not a moment too soon. This has been one of those weeks where I have to make an effort to remember how much I love my kids. And I do. But wow, they seem to want to test my love to the very limit. My sanity, too, is tested rigorously, and I'm not entirely sure I am passing any of these tests. Even Micah has pushed me past what I can sanely manage. It took me between one and two hours (I lost track) to load the dishwasher today, a job that could have been done in twenty minutes had Micah not been there every step of the way, climbing in the dishwasher, taking stuff out of the dishwasher, opening the oven repeatedly, opening other cupboards and dumping their contents, climbing on the kitchen chairs and trying to tip them over while standing on them, and his latest trick, opening the fridge. That new ability alone is enough to reduce me to tears.

Today the boys, (well, Jamie and Micah), ate a bunch of bran muffin mix out of the cupboard, and also dumped a bunch of it in the bottom of the freshly cleaned pantry. I was already beyond frustrated when that happened. The morning had been extremely bad and I was fried in every way already. This was just one more thing to add to the pile. I took the stuff out of Jamie's hand and turned around to find Micah on the kitchen table so I ran to grab him and when I turned around once more Jamie was eating butter off the counter. Holy crap. I cried. I was on the phone with my mom at the time. Things would have been worse than that except that I literally locked Cody out of the house for a while due to his indescribably bad attitude.

The good news is, I later found Magnum, my sister's black lab who is staying with us over the weekend, with his face half covered in muffin mix. It seems he cleaned out the pantry for us. He looked exceedingly dumb with is face powdery brown on one side only. It accentuated his "eyebrows", which were lifted upward in an expression of complete innocence. It really was quite funny. I kind of appreciated his cleanup job, though it was not so thorough that I won't have to get the vacuum in there later. I had to throw away the remainder of the mix, which is a waste of twelve muffins right there. I also threw out ice cream today after I caught Cody eating it out of the pail when I came in from feeding the horses this morning. The boys also smashed something in the basement earlier. I'm too exhausted to be upset about it. I felt like smashing a thing or two myself.

So I am now in my room with my earphones on, for better or for worse. Micah is in bed. Cody spontaneously apologized for treating me so badly this morning and his attitude has improved substantially since then. He is downstairs with Jamie. I'm sure they will get into all kinds of trouble down there, but Cody is pretty good about keeping Jamie in line, so they won't do anything too dangerous. (Rolling my eyes here.) I don't know what part of me God thought could handle having three boys. He obviously knows me better than I do, because I don't see what He sees.

Micah is talking in such a way that I am suspicious. I likely need to check his diaper. I also have to run and check the other two, seeing I am fairly certain they have ventured into forbidden areas of the basement. Goody. I am off for now. Hopefully the weekend will bring with it some semblance of peace and sanity.

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ok, I am back!!! I just wrote yu an e mail so you'll get the dets.

I miss you!