Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pirates have invaded. AAARGH!

Thursday has arrived, signifying not only the arrival of the end of this week but also the beginning of spring break. Being that Mike is a teacher, spring break is an especially big deal around here. It doesn't feel like spring, as we got a blizzard this week and yesterday and the day before were both snow days. Not only did Cody miss school on Tuesday, but Mike was home Tuesday and Wednesday due to extremely dangerous driving conditions. The week has been difficult, and I am still feeling very emotional about losing Oreo. It has been even harder than I anticipated. I had forgotten how intense the pain of losing a pet is. It has been just over fourteen years since I have lost a pet, and though I remember how upset I was, I forgot about that feeling of darkness and heaviness that descends in the wake of that loss. I hate that when I talk about Oreo from now on it will have to be as memories. He is gone and will never come back. I have not dealt with much death in my life. I lost my maternal grandmother when I was about 15, but she had a stroke a couple of years prior and had either Alzheimer's or some other ailment that affected her mind, so she did not know us anymore for years before she died. It was as though we had lost her already. The hardest part about her death for me was my mother's pain. I cried for her, and because death was scary. I imagined what it would be like for me if that was my mother and she no longer remembered my name. I have not lost any other close relatives, though thirteen years ago I did lose a good friend in a car accident and that was very wrenching. He is the only friend I have lost, so you can see I have been very sheltered. I have been thinking about that this week and feeling some dread, as I don't know how I will ever handle any human deaths if I am taking Oreo's this hard. Yes, he was "just a rabbit", though he was very special to me.

Anyway, that's enough about death. Today I had a triumphant mom moment and I am feeling like I earned some kind of motherhood badge of honour. Cody has school today, and it's his field trip, which was rescheduled from the previous date due to a snow day. Coincidentally, it is also pirates and princesses day at the school. I did not have a costume for Cody, so I figured I'd have to send him in his regular clothes. I was a bit sad about it but the highways have been closed for the past two days and prior to that I was dealing with Oreo, so there really was no time to go to town to seek some kind of props or costume. So I did a little googling last night and came up with some stuff for him. I had a red bandana from my days in the 80's when they were in. Or was that the 90's? Do I sound old when I am mixing up my decades? No matter. I found a bandana and put it on his head pirate-style. I made an eye patch out of a pizza kit box (cut out of the cardboard) and an elastic that has been sitting on my dresser for months, annoying me. Then I used his regular pants, a pair of my socks and a shirt that is way to small for him, plus a vest that is size 2/3 when he wears size 6 clothing. Haha. I also added facial hair for effect. Here's my pirate Cody.

Of course, then Jamie felt left out, so I had to pirate him up a little bit too. Right now he is not wearing the bandana, so he is randomly sporting a moustache and goatee. No big deal except that I have to take him in to the school later for a meeting. Sheesh. He might look a bit funny with facial hair penciled on for no apparent reason. Oh well. Last time I took him in to the post office with me, he was wearing his hockey helmet. Jamie is Jamie, and that's all there is to it. Here he is.

Micah will remain pirate-free, as he is quite sick with a bad cold and cough and I don't want to be wiping his face if he is sporting eye liner on his upper lip and chin.

I'm going to sign off for now. I may be a bit more scarce in the days to come, but I'll be back when possible. Bye for now.

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Jo said...

It's fun to see little ones expressing themselves, those post office ladies love it! Congrats on your creativity with the costume and so sorry about your Oreo. Loss of any kind is hard. I read something by cousin Audrey last night about being secure enough in God's love and goodness to her that she knows God is holding her sadness and there will again be joy. Thinking of you!