Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was going to begin this post by saying how much better this week has been than last week. I suppose that still holds true, seeing last week was off the charts bad. However, I just went downstairs to check on the boys. Here's the thing. I had just called down, worried about how quiet it was down there. Cody answered, after a few minutes. I asked him where Jamie was. He said in the toy room. I said, "With you?" and he answered yes. The toy room is right at the bottom of the stairs, so I can hear them from up here. However, being a complete idiot, I thought maybe they were just playing quietly down there.

Meanwhile, I was busy in the living room cleaning up the pieces of ten, (yes I counted them, I am not exaggerating) puzzles, that had been dumped on the floor earlier. At that time, I told Cody I was fine with him doing puzzles as long as he promised to put them all away when he was done. He assured me that he would. He lied. He threw a huge fit when I told him to clean them up, and in the end refused to do it. I told him if he did not, he would suffer the consequences. Well, I had to clean it up myself. Seeing I'm on a rabbit trail here anyway, I might as well say outright that I know I could have stood there over him, roaring like a dragon until he picked up every single piece. Frankly, I did not have the energy. There will be consequences. But why am I justifying myself in here? Maybe I just suck at this mothering business.

The point is, I was busy dealing with another one of their messes when I went downstairs to check on them. Actually, I was mostly going down there to get some food out of the freezer for lunch and supper. I found them in the back room, the future computer room. I have to also clarify that I specifically told Cody earlier that under no circumstances were they allowed to go down the hall in the basement. We are in the process of drywalling right now, and they know they are not allowed in that area because Mike's tools are down there...etc. Well, not only were they there, but Cody was holding Mike's cordless drill and was in the middle of screwing a small piece of drywall onto the wall. I was absolutely speechless. Upon further inspection, I found that there were two separate pieces of drywall screwed onto the wall, plus at least ten screws screwed all over the wall. In addition to that, Jamie was naked from the waste down. His pyjama bottoms were on the floor, covered in pine shavings that we use for bedding for our rabbit. The shavings were all over the floor.

There are no words to describe how livid I was and am. I am completely at the end of my rope. The basement is full of their toys so they have somewhere to play. Now it is clear I cannot trust either of them down there, which means the basement is now off limits. I honestly don't even know what to do. Cody can get downstairs without help (he can work the gate) but Jamie can't. Now I am wondering whether we need to actually screw the gate into the wall so it cannot be opened. Mike and I can step over top of it, though it is very awkward and not ideal.

So I know it's old hat, but I guess I am fried once again. There seems to be no winning with these boys. Micah is now in bed and I just booted the other two outside. It is a beautiful day and I hope to keep them out there at least an hour, though longer would be nicer. I guess I'm off for now.

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