Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring break, fairs and birthday cakes.

Spring break is in full swing now. In fact, it is passing very quickly. We have not done much because Micah and Jamie have both been sick. Jamie in particular has been very sick. He has been coughing quite badly, the kind that we can hear rattling down in his back and chest. We thought we may need to take him in by today, but this morning he seems to be somewhat improved, so I have high hopes that we are on the road to recovery. Cody has been fine so far, and Mike and I are also okay. Tomorrow is supposed to be our big day at the fair, but if Jamie is still really under the weather we may not go. The fair is a big deal and I have gone every year since I was a little girl except in 1999, when I was on a road trip to California with six other girls. I have been there when I was nine months pregnant and a day overdue with Cody. I have been there with a baby as young as three months old (Jamie) and I have been there the week after major surgery, when I was sixteen. I sat there with Mike when we were young and not dating and I was already head over heels in love with him. I was enthralled year after year with the horse jumping and the stallion parade and every other equine event.

Things are different now that I am a mother. It is difficult to enjoy it the same way as I did as a child and a young adult because I have to put the majority of my focus on my kids, but they enjoy it too and I wouldn't miss it unless something drastic happened. Hopefully we will all go together tomorrow.

On Friday, Cody turns five. I can hardly believe it. We hope to take him somewhere special, but we are not completely settled on what we are doing just yet. Mike is in town right now getting the rest of our birthday related errands done. (He was really in town for a round of virtual golf, so he got stuck with completing my errands.) When he gets home, I will be attempting to make a special birthday cake for Cody, which I have never done before. I have made plenty of birthday cakes, but this is different. It is the kind you have to rent a pan and then decorate it as per the instructions. It will be Lightning McQueen. I sincerely hope I will have a good report in here about how it turns out, but I have heard some horror stories about the trials of making these types of birthday cakes, and I have never done it before so I should not have high hopes. The good news is, Cody is unaware of my plan to attempt this, so if I blow it, I can always buy another cake mix in town and bake a boring cake the morning of his birthday. He just wants smarties on it, or so he told me. Mike and I hate the new kind of Smarties, so I can't handle the idea of tainting a perfectly good cake with them. I figured we'd buy a bag and Cody can decorate his own piece with them if he wants to. I suspect he will be happier with a Lightning McQueen cake, but I guess it depends whether it looks like Lightning McQueen or whether it looks like a red and black blob. Hm. This could be interesting. I am not especially talented when it comes to all things culinary, so disaster seems more likely than a smashing success, but time will tell and I will be sure to post my results in here, complete with pictures. I am nervous.

Anyway, I have some quiet time available before Micah wakes up, though possibly very little, so I shall attempt to do some work on chapter six of my book. It has been almost three weeks since I have really worked on it and I need to get back at it before I really lose my momentum. I am off for now.

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