Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day cookies.

It is 10:30 a.m. and I have already rolled, cut and baked 55 heart-shaped sugar cookies. They are cooling in the kitchen right now. In a few minutes I will make green icing and we will ice as many as possible before I have to make lunch for the boys so I can get Cody off to school. Yes, it is St. Patrick's day, and though I confess I haven't a clue about the true story behind it, I am happy for an excuse to make some delicious green cookies. As it turns out, I don't have an appropriate cookie cutter anyway, hence the heart shapes. My mom has a three-leaf clover that she uses for St. Patrick's day, though I wonder whether it was originally part of a set that represented the suits in a deck of cards. Anyway, I have heard and read the St. Patrick's day story before, but for some reason I never remember it. Then again, these days I rarely remember anything at all.

Cody and Jamie are in the basement playing for the moment, and Micah is busy disassembling all our electronics attached to the TV. Hm. Just a second... Ah. That's better.

So all in all, we are in for another dreary day complete with rain and then cold temperatures. We have no high today. It started decent and is going to get colder and colder from here. Jamie and Micah are both incredibly grouchy, but Cody is doing better today. Yesterday was another rough one for me, but I have high hopes that today will be at least tolerable. My house may be a mess, but my cookies are ready to go, and that is a big job, so I'm happy to have at least that accomplishment under my belt for today. And now I must call the boys up to help me make the icing. Things are about to get messy! I might add pictures later if I get a chance.

Okay, it is 1:30 p.m. now. Cody is at school, Micah is pretending to nap. Okay, more like I'm pretending he's napping. And Jamie is watching basketball on TV. Yes, basketball. He opted for that in place of The Cat In The Hat, which is his favourite show. Hm. When I said, "Which would you rather watch, basketball or Cat in the Hat?" his immediate response was "Hockey". He is so unbelievably obsessed with hockey. It's quite funny and cute.

Anyway, here are some pics of our cookie making this morning. Well, mostly just the beginning, seeing after that my hands were too covered in flour to handle the camera.

 Oops. I cut off the top of Cody's head in this one. Jamie was in bed at this point but Cody and Micah were helping me get ready for the rolling, cutting and baking! (Notice the dishes all over the place in the background. I did not have time to clean the kitchen before we started our project.)

 Micah, acting cute and silly as usual.

 When I ask Cody to smile for a picture, this is the kind of goofy look I end up with. Nice.

 I gave Micah a small pile of flour to play with, as I thought he'd find it fun. Instead, he put his face right in it and ate some. Later I gave him an extra rolling pin to play with. He rolled it onto my dough repeatedly, despite my best efforts to protect it. 

 Even with a flour moustache and goatee, he is still "The Beave". 

Jamie joined us after a while, in a much better mood than he was in first thing in the morning. All in all, the morning was fairly positive. Now the cookies are all iced except for ten which I am saving for Cody to do when he gets home. That's all for today, folks!

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