Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, Monday.

Today Mike is off at a ski trip with his school, so it will be a long day for me. I don't expect him home until right around the boys' bedtime. The morning went all right, though we had a substantial battle over clean-up, which is not unusual around here. The living room finally got cleaned up enough for me to vacuum. (Yes, it was that bad, and often is.) So I am feeling much better about things now, finally sitting down for a rest in this bright, sunshiny, freshly-vacuumed room. Micah is napping, as usual, and the other two are outside. It is a nice day today, currently 0 degrees, so there is no excuse for them being inside all day. I am hoping they'll stay out a long time, but it is unlikely. We'll see though.

Meanwhile, I thought I might take this opportunity to...never mind. They are in. Well, I had approximately two minutes to myself once I was done vacuuming and making their beds. Fabulous. Maybe I'll try again another time.

I'll leave off with this picture of what we saw out our kitchen window the other day. This is becoming an every day phenomenon, though this particular time was fairly extreme. Here it is.

Notice the two that are fighting in this next one. There were several squabbles that day.


Tamara said...

My house is the same and I only have one that is old enough to make the mess. I've found that if I set a timer for clean up and then once that timer goes off I just start vacuuming and whatever is on the floor "might" get vacuumed up, the floor gets cleaned pretty quick!

CAT said...

Yes, I've done that timer thing too. It can be very effective. Same threat too..."I'm vacuuming everything that's on the floor, so you better get your stuff out of the way!" Haha. You gotta do what you gotta do!