Monday, April 11, 2011

At last!

Finally, today we had a day that really felt like spring. We still have a lot of snow, but today we got up to 13 degrees (Celsius) and a lot of our snow melted. In fact, so much snow melted in the last twenty-four hours that the water levels in the ditches have risen severely overnight. About a mile and a half north down our road there is a beaver dam in the ditch. Every year I watch the beavers there, and there are often blue herons too. In fact I saw three of them yesterday afternoon, which was pretty cool. Anyway, the dam is smaller than it usually is because last year there was some human intervention and they destroyed part of the dam to help with the flooding issues. We were just noticing the dam yesterday afternoon, and the water on one side of it was lower than on the other side, so it was still functioning. Well today, the dam was not even in sight. The water has risen so high that not even a hint of the dam shows. Worse than that is the fact that the water has officially gone over the road down there. Not our road, but the one that intersects it. It is scary how much water there is, and if it is rising that much every day, our road may be underwater tomorrow. We are blessed to live this far south on the road because the ground here seems to be much higher. We never have water in our ditches at all, so the road here will be fine, but there is a chance we could get trapped between the two lower areas. There are only three roads that intersect ours, and the closest one is over a mile away, so it could get interesting.

This evening I went and spent a bit of time with Sasha, which was nice. She followed me around, which is a good sign, and I took some pictures, though I did not get any great ones. Maybe I'll post a few.

Here she is posing by a few small trees. I have been wanting to take a picture to show how pretty the colours in her face are right now. She will change as she sheds out some more, but I love all the browns and blacks in there right now. I can't wait to bath her! She's filthy.

As I mentioned, I could not get far enough away to get any good shots, so these will have to do. 

Here she is again, sniffing my hand. It was either that or wiping her nose on my camera lens!

Here is Maybelline soaking in the evening sun rays. Notice how long her whiskers and extra hair are under her jawline. Haha. That's Indy beside her.

Here's a shot of Maybelline's nose. I thought her whiskers were cute, plus her bottom lip was hanging down, which I always find amusing.

I was getting artistic here. Haha. I couldn't get a good shot of her whole head so I just wanted to catch the sunlight in her eye. She has pretty eyes.

And here's my artsy shot of Indy, with the same idea. He is not very photogenic right now, as his face is the hairiest, but I do like this shot.

Anyway, the boys spent a great deal of time outside today, so even though we had many moments of rebellion and fighting, it was far more bearable. They had some bubble stuff they played with, plus they rode their bikes, and Jamie even took his butterfly net out to catch "bumblebees" which were actually flies. He complained later that he couldn't catch them though because they were too fast. The sunshine that streamed in all my windows today infused me with some energy and cheer, and when Micah woke up from his afternoon nap I took the boys for a drive to get the mail and to look at all the rushing water in the ditches along our road. I might try to get some pictures tomorrow and put them in here. Here is a shot I got of Jamie on his bike earlier.

 And in the next shot, Cody, also riding his bike. You can see in the background that this part of our yard has hardly any snow left.

And seeing everyone else is in here, here is a picture of Micah modelling my favourite diaper of his. Hehe. It's a one size FuzziBunz pocket diaper, and I love it. It's hard to get good pictures of cloth diapers, but this one is decent. It is much cuter in person, but this shows how trim this style is. 

Anyway, not much else to say for today. Tomorrow is a big day. Cody has school and also is performing in some kind of music festival so the kids are getting bussed there for the afternoon. I plan to take Jamie and Micah, and possibly Mike's mom to watch Cody's class sing. Hopefully the boys will behave. I'm a bit nervous, but I suppose it is good for me to practice going out in public with my kids. I am a bit of a chicken in that regard, though for good reason, based on past experience. 

For now, I'm off to do some writing, or just plain relaxing. It has been a busy day. Oh, I forgot to mention that I did a major workout today for the first time since the end of February. I will probably be in pain tomorrow, but hopefully I will be able to work some kind of a schedule in for my workouts because I really do want to get in shape again. I especially want to build muscle for my upcoming horse-related activities, so I did weights today...hence the reason I anticipate pain tomorrow. Anyway, I was glad to have gotten that done. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight as a result. I'm off for now.

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