Monday, April 25, 2011

Back again!

I have been very absent over the last week. It was not a bad week, and for that I am thankful, but it was busy and we were still dealing with sickness issues with the boys, so that kind of put a damper on things. We don't seem to be entirely past that yet, as Jamie has been extremely grouchy all day and does not seem to have much of an appetite, which is never a good sign for him. Micah is doing much better though. He still seems to have a bit of a cold, but nothing severe, so hopefully he'll be completely past that soon.

I have been doing a lot of stuff with Sasha, so that has been good. Last week, as I had previously mentioned, my sister Andrea showed me some stuff and I worked with Sasha on Saturday under her supervision and then again on Sunday by myself and now I can't remember whether I did another day alone. I think so, but now I don't remember which one. Possibly Tuesday. Today, Andrea came again and I did quite a bit with Sasha. She responded very well and even followed me around like a puppy in the round pen. It was really good for me and for her. Last time Andrea was out, Sasha bucked many times in protest to the round pen work, like close to twenty, but today she only did about two bucks. There were a few times she had her ears pinned back, but not for long, and she did not give us much attitude. She is responding to commands much more quickly and she is really paying attention, where last year she was not willing to pay much attention at all. I was very nervous a week ago when we started all of this, but now I am starting to enjoy it. Already I see fruit in my bond with her, and that is really what I want. I'm not ready to get on her yet, but I'm fine with that. We will take it slow and hopefully she'll be awesome by the time I get on her back. Andrea worked Maybelline today too, and she was not bad either. She's really funny. She really is a cute horse.

I had all three boys outside today, and Micah was so thrilled. He loves it outside, and I don't take him out much because I have to just follow him around all the time to keep him safe. That's okay and everything, but really, until this week, the weather has not been very good around here and I had no desire to stand around outside freezing my butt off while he toddled around. Now I will have to make an effort to bring him outside every day. It's good for him, and he loves it. If he had his way, he'd be outside all day, every day.

So, even though we had a long weekend with two separate family gatherings, my Monday has gone fairly well. I was dreading it, as I often do after Mike has been home helping me for a while, but the day was mostly positive. I suppose that might be partly because Andrea was here and we got to play with the horses so much. I have "homework" to do, so I'll probably be out there most days in my free time. It's good for me though. I am kind of a non-outdoorsy person, despite my best intentions to be otherwise, so if this gets me out of the house daily for more than the ten minutes required to pitch hay to the horses, it will probably benefit me greatly. Bring on the vitamin D! And the exercise. It will probably help to boost my spirits, and maybe it will even boost my energy a little bit.

That's all for now. I'm going to enjoy some quiet time in my room. Well, as quiet as it can get when I can hear kids crying in the background. I am desperate to buy a new pair of headphones!

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