Monday, April 4, 2011

First Full Day of Kindergarten

I am home and breathing a huge sigh of relief after having taken Cody to school for his first full day. Jamie and Micah are just now eating their breakfast, even though it is already 9:22 a.m. I did get Cody to school, but I do not feel like a Supermom today. First of all, Cody got up nicely this morning and for once did not wake his brothers. I fed him breakfast of mini-wheats, which he barely ate before declaring he was full. This was not a good sign. Cody is hungry all the time, and I honestly did not know whether he'd make it through a whole day of kindergarten without eating a full breakfast. I eventually got it out of him that he had a stomach ache. Hm. I sent him to the bathroom, but he told me it did not help. So, here is my child who has been coughing violently since last Thursday and now he has a tummy ache too? I happen to know that this cold/cough virus that has been going around has in many cases included the runs, so I wondered whether this was the issue. Mike told me to keep Cody home for the morning and see how he is doing later. Cody himself said he thought he should "quit" school today. This is very out of character for him. I resigned myself to the idea that he was not going this morning after all, so I was not rushing around to get the other two ready. Then I had a talk with Cody and discovered that the stomach ache and the suspicious willingness to stay home from school was all related to his anxiety about having a full day there. After some coaxing, I got it out of him that his biggest worry was the bathroom. I kind of suspected as much. Cody has this fear of public bathrooms and it's all about a fear of loud flushing toilets.

Anyway, I gave him a little pep talk and even told him that I like loud flushes because they are funny. Then he laughed and said he liked that too. In the end, his stomach ache magically disappeared and he wanted to go to school after all. Then I didn't know what to do because he still does have a cough. I called Mike who said to just send him, seeing Cody is very conscientious about covering his mouth when he coughs (and he uses his sleeve, not his hand), so I started flying around again to get him ready. The problem was, we needed to leave right then. Jamie peed his pants in that moment. Actually, his pyjamas, which happened to be his sleeper, so it was a real mess. I had to shower him and then get him dressed and then get socks on Jamie while Cody put Micah's socks on for him. I got everyone out the door and into the van, but the windshield was buried under several inches of snow, and it was not light fluffy snow that could just be swept off. No. It was heavy, but worse it was packed on there and I had to chisel it off with the stupid windshield scraper. In the end, I got Cody to school but he was about fifteen minutes late. Way to go, mom.

So now here I am with a very pathetic and clingy Micah and his big brother Jamie who is already picking on him. I hope this is going to go all right. Even Maybelline was lecturing me this morning for being late with her breakfast. She is now eating happily with her buddies, so we're all okay. I even got to eat just now (it is now 10 a.m.) so that's fairly good. Of course, Micah was crying and grabbing my legs the whole time. Sigh.

On the agenda today? Well, my biggest goal is to get the boys fed an early lunch, like maybe 11:30-ish and then get Micah to bed for an early nap. Then I am going to attempt a workout. It has been about a month and a half since I have done one and I am feeling quite guilty. Once Cody started his kindergarten it got very difficult to work out because of how broken up my day was. But with him gone the whole day, I should be able to start a workout by 12:30 or so and still have time to shower at 1:30 and get the boys ready to go at about 2:30. It doesn't leave much room for writing, but I guess I'll have to tackle that in the evenings. Mike is all about the mudding and taping right now anyway, so if he does that in the basement I can work on my writing upstairs and that should work fairly well. I am very intimidated to do a workout today, but I just have to try. If nothing else, I would really like to build up my strength so I can be more prepared to ride, once this darn snow gets out of here.

This morning's goal is to get the kitchen back to its former state of spotlessness. It suffered a bit over spring break. It is still not too overwhelming, but it is not pretty and I have remained just slightly behind for the whole week. If I could get it completely spotless again, maybe I'll be able to keep up once again.

Micah is trying to climb my lap again, so I better give him a little cuddle and then get going on my cleaning. I'm off for now.

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Jo said...

You go girl! Juggling new school routines is difficult for any Mom, don't ever let them tell you otherwise. Keep trucking!