Monday, April 18, 2011

Horsing around

Monday is here and it has not brought any spring weather with it. It is only 1 degree and it has been snowing nearly all day, so I have opted to remain indoors. On Saturday my sister came over and we did some work with Sasha and Maybelline, my horse and my husband's horse, for anyone who does not know. It was nice to have some hands-on action with Sasha, as I have not done anything with her since she dumped me in August and broke my wrist and ankle. I don't know much about training horses. I have lots of riding experience, but I have never been extremely interested in doing the training part. Sasha is young though, just coming four years old. In fact, her birthday is a week from tomorrow. I'll have to get her a carrot cake. Anyway, with her being this young, she needs a lot more hours of training and riding before she will be a really good horse for me. Andrea showed me some stuff that I can do with Sasha to build our relationship and earn her trust and respect. As we worked with her, I found myself remembering that moment when I was on her back and she began bucking. I was so scared. I was alone and I really didn't know her very well, and I had never been bucked off a horse in my whole life. Of course when I landed I broke my right wrist and sprained the left one, and my right ankle also was broken, so the whole incident was very traumatic. Sasha bucked all the way down the hill and ran away to the road, out of my sight, leaving me laying alone on a hill, missing one shoe, in incredible pain, and as I learned later, in a giant patch of poison ivy.

In the days that followed, I remember looking out the window at my beautiful horse and having an altered perception of her. Gone was the romantic notion of the ideal horse that was quiet as anything and completely safe and trustworthy. For a while, I didn't like her at all anymore. I was sad and angry when I saw her out back. I felt like I had made a mistake in buying her, and in getting horses at all. I wondered how I would undo this error.

Over the winter, I did what I could to teach her some manners when I fed her, not accepting her pushiness and refusing to give her any grain until she put her ears up. She has improved in leaps and bounds. Recently I have started to really admire her out there, and to say thing to Mike like, "Look at my beautiful girl! Isn't she gorgeous?" Since the weather has started to turn from winter I have been anxious to get out there and work with her. I hope that if I take it slowly and steadily, we will have a much better foundation than we did last summer, and hopefully we will never have another disaster again. But on Saturday when I had that flashback, I realized I am still afraid. I don't know whether she will buck again. I don't trust her. I am afraid of her, to an extent, particularly to ride her. It doesn't help that for the last month or two I have watched her bucking and rearing in the pasture. She was just fooling around, of course, but what is to stop her from doing that while someone is on her back?

So Andrea gave me some homework and yesterday morning I went out and worked with Sasha again. I was only out there for about half an hour, and the stuff we did was not earth-shattering, but we made progress. Today I am choosing to stay indoors, as the weather is kind of crappy. I will try again tomorrow when it is supposed to be sunny and 5 degrees, a big improvement over the last few days. Hopefully Sasha and I will gain more respect and trust for each other and my confidence will be boosted once again.

Now I am in a quiet house, or I was until I typed that. Micah is napping but he just started to cry. He is not feeling well at all today, which is sad. Poor baby. All he wanted to do for the whole morning was sit on my lap under a blanket and cuddle. He has a slight fever as well. Jamie is outside, playing golf and who knows what else. He has been out for probably close to an hour. He is a true outdoor boy and prefers being outside whenever possible. So I am relaxed, or again, I was relaxed. Now I better check on my little guy and make sure he is okay. Oh dear. He is not happy, and Jamie just came in. Looks like my quiet has now come to an end. Oh well. I'm off for now.

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