Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Junior Kindergarten, take two.

Well, I got Cody off to his second attempt at a full day of junior kindergarten this morning. He did not express any anxiety at all, nor did he have a tummy ache today, so I am confident that he is going to make it through just fine. I could be wrong, of course, but it seemed he made his mind up that this time he was going to stay all day. Nobody peed their pants when it was time to leave today, and the van was not caked with four inches of ice, so we even made it there on time. In fact, he was the second student to arrive. I brought the other two home and fed the horses while they waited in the van. Morning chores done. Well, the outdoor ones anyway.

Yesterday was a write-off for me and I felt so much better this morning that I was looking forward to a full, productive day. But before I even got inside the house again, a migraine started up. For me, they always start with the "aura", which essentially means I can't really see. Reading is next to impossible, and everything else is all right but I only see peripherally. The best thing for me to do when this starts is to go straight to bed before the pain starts. This is not possible today. The pain is kicking in and though I can now see properly I am left wondering how in the world I will make it through this day with a migraine and a three year old and a 20 month old. I have no drugs that touch a migraine. Sleep is the only thing that works. I am thinking I better sign off and do the dishes really quick before this gets really bad. Maybe it won't get really awful. It is hard to say. Oh boy. I better get going and do as much as I can really fast.


Jo said...

Aww, if I were just closer... Feel better soon!

CAT said...

Thanks Jo. I'm surviving so far. My head hurts quite a bit, but it is not debilitating as of yet. I did get the dishes done and now I'm going to sit around for a while and referee from my chair. Maybe I'll be lucky and it will disappear by the afternoon. If not, I plan to feed the boys at 11:30 and put Micah down at noon. Then the TV will go on and I will go to bed until I have to leave at 2:30 to pick up Cody again. Hopefully that will work.