Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Happened to Spring??

Today is the last day of spring break. I am significantly bummed about this fact, as I always am at the end of a "holiday" time. The source of my disappointment is multifaceted. I always look forward to school breaks with great anticipation, not because we ever go anywhere or do anything in particular, but for the mere sake of having Mike home for backup. This time, my backup has been otherwise engaged. Mike is working on the basement, specifically mudding and taping the drywall so we can prime and paint. This is one of those catch 22 situations. Yes, I desperately want the basement to be finished, but I also don't want to be without help up here for the whole week. Essentially, what I find hard as a mother is that while my husband (who is totally deserving and awesome, so don't get me wrong) gets an actual holiday from his job, I do not. Not now, not ever. I am still fighting to keep my kitchen clean. I am still chasing kids who are doing scary, crazy, annoying or just plain bad things. I did not get a chance to work on my writing stuff at all. I am not saying I did not get any breaks. It's just that I did not get the option of saying, "During my spring break, these are the things I would like to accomplish." (Fill in the blanks.) This is what I find hard to explain, particularly to Mike, because it is not that I don't appreciate his work downstairs. I do. He is doing a great job, and I want him to do it. We will all benefit from it. I think where I am struggling right now is with the concept that I never seem to have the freedom to do that. There is something about the job of "mom" that means "always on duty", or something to that effect. Sometimes I am okay with that, and other times I find myself wondering how I will endure one more moment of the madness.

Spring break was also spent enduring mass amounts of sickness on the part of our boys. I am extremely grateful to be able to say that neither Mike nor I have succumbed as of yet to this gross virus, or whatever it is, but all three boys have been hit really hard. As usual, Jamie has gotten it the worst, and as a result, his moods have been absolutely unparalleled in their wretchedness. I am fairly certain that at this very moment he is doing something he shouldn't be in the kitchen. I should probably go check. Okay, I was partly right. He went to bed and is basically asleep. This will royally mess up our evening, but at least I will have a quiet afternoon. Micah is also asleep and Mike has allowed Cody in where he is to observe. I was very sad that Cody was hit with this sickness at the fair, the day before his birthday. I had plans for his birthday, but they got cancelled. However, in true Cody style, he was very happy to just do stuff at home, even though he felt really sick. He has a thankful heart, which is so nice.

The final blow of spring break actually occurred overnight last night. We were hit with yet another snowstorm. It is hard to believe we continue to get more and more snow. I was just commenting yesterday about how much the level of the snow in our yard had dropped, and now I looked out the window this morning to see this:

Above is the view out our kitchen window this morning. It was still snowing pretty hard at that point. There was no snow visible on the ground yesterday in that area. All you could see was hay and poop. I suppose the snow is an improvement in that spot, at least. 

Above is the view down our driveway. Again, this portion of it was not snowy yesterday. There was a lot of water, mud and some ice in places too, but it was not a blanket of white like this. 

The shot above and the one below were both taken out my bedroom window this morning. I knew there was snow in the forecast, but I was not expecting this!

Note, there was no snow at all on our deck yesterday. We got several inches overnight. It was pretty, but annoying. This is December weather, not April. The highways are bad again and advising people to travel at their own risk. Of course, that is one of the joys of living in Manitoba. The weather is utterly unpredictable, and I have seen a massive blizzard in May before, so this is really nothing. It is just disappointing because it is fairly safe to say that most of us living around here are pretty sick of winter and anxiously awaiting the true arrival of spring. I was hoping to go out and groom Sasha a bit today, but clearly that will not be happening. She is sopping wet, and I will be too if I go out there.

Aside from my disappointments, it was still nice to have Mike home for the week, and to get to the fair even though it was very brief. We also had some nice sunny days that really cheered me up. I hope to see more of the sun in the near future. Tomorrow will be Cody's first full day of school, so perhaps I will have a report to give on that. Now I must sign off so I don't spend my entire quiet time in this blog! Bye for now.

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