Friday, April 29, 2011

Yay, it's Friday!

Last night everyone slept through the night here for the first time in weeks. It was so nice. I thought for sure someone would be up barfing, but it didn't happen. I'm not entirely sure whether we are past this thing or whether the rest of us are still going to get our turn. I am still being very cautious and I'm still quite nervous, but a stress-free night was so very helpful, and I'm very thankful.

This morning I took the boys outside and they rode bikes and we went for a short walk. Then we hopped in the van, complete with Radar, and went to the post office to get the mail. It was an adventure. We saw lots of pairs of Mallards, and we got to sit and watch a train go by very close, which the boys get a real thrill from. All in all, I really enjoyed my morning with them today, which I was also grateful for.

I am glad it's Friday, particularly because I am still not sure whether we are out of the woods for sickness, and it really helps to know Mike will be here all weekend to help me if I need it. Unfortunately, it looks like we are in for a blizzard tomorrow. Can you even believe this? We are supposed to get ten to twenty millimetres of snow, and high winds. I'm very irritated. Just when I started to put the winter stuff away, too. I guess I did that prematurely. This is Manitoba, after all, and just because it will be May on Sunday, it doesn't mean we can't get mountains of snow still before summer arrives to stay. I hope we won't though, as our sump pump is running almost every minute in the basement and we are still very much in the danger zone for flooding. Basement flooding, that is. Our yard will never flood. I guess I should never say never, but we are fairly high up here, so the water table would have to rise more than another five feet for our yard to be in trouble. I sincerely hope that will never happen.

My quiet time is coming to an end, as Micah is now awake. I will have to get him soon. I have not planned or prepared anything for supper due to paranoia about sickness, but for some reason I just had this memory of big meals at my grandma's house and her delicious mashed potatoes. I wish I could make a nice hot meal with potatoes and gravy, but it is too late for tonight now anyway. If we are not sick tomorrow, I will make something yummy for us then. The boys were very ripped off to be fed nothing but rice and toast last night, and I was awfully hungry too. So was Mike. Haha. We are probably too paranoid, but I think it's worth it to be careful and hopefully not end up feeling as bad later on.

I better sign off. Micah will only ask nicely for so long. Happy weekend everyone. May you stay warm and dry, and precipitation free.

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