Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Battles and bright spots.

Today is Tuesday but it's the first official day of the week after our long weekend. Our week started off rough this morning, as Cody stole Mike's iPad out of our room which resulted in us confiscating not only the iPad but also one of his stuffed animals. Of course this had a further ripple effect because he threw tantrums and wailed about how we had hurt his feelings and hurt his heart. We are going through a time of trying to teach him that when he takes things of ours without permission there will be consequences that are quite unpleasant for him. So far, all he does is blame us for his consequences, but my hope is that soon he will think before he takes things and eventually he will choose to respect our things and our rules. It seems to be a very long road. We had a rough day yesterday, he and I. We have had a lot of rough days in the last several weeks and I find myself weary of the battles and feeling like I am totally failing at this parenting thing. Sometimes I wish I could have the super nanny here to see what she would say about my kids. And me, I guess, though I wonder whether I could handle her feedback on my mistakes and failures.

One bright spot in my life is that we finally got our fridge lock installed. It is not high tech, and it is actually quite easy to use. My sister gave it to us, knowing how much trouble we have with kids stealing food out of the fridge and cupboards all the time. I was very anxious to put it on, but it requires 24 hours for the adhesive to dry. Ha! I don't have 24 hours where the fridge will be untouched by kids. But we were out most of Sunday, so we put it on Saturday night after the kids went to bed and by the time we got back on Sunday evening it was all set. In reality, Cody and Jamie know how to use it, so technically it will only help us with Micah, but that really is a big help. Now that we threw out our chocolate syrup for making chocolate milk, we don't really have issues with Jamie invading the fridge like he used to. That is one small thing that makes my day significantly easier. Now why the heck didn't we do this when Jamie was little??

Another bright spot for the week is that Mike and I are actually going on a date tonight, though I am finding it hard to believe it will actually happen. All we are doing is going for supper and coming straight home, but at least we get to leave the house together without the kids. That never happens. Ever. So now I have a lot of cleaning to do in preparation, as I don't want the house to be a disaster for Mike's parents when they come to stay with the boys. Hopefully I will be able to get it decent in here. The kitchen is basically done, but we still have a whole day to make it through so it will get messy again before the day is done. Guess I better get going now, seeing all three boys are actually playing nicely at the moment. If that doesn't last, I'll send them out into the swamp to play for a while. Haha. Yes, our yard is a swamp again after a lot of rain on the weekend. It's really cold out too. Only 4 degrees right now. Sheesh. Some summer we're having so far!

Okay, I'm off.

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