Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dilemmas, dilemmas!

I am hoping for a quiet afternoon as I settle into my chair for some rest. Micah is in bed, hopefully sleeping, and the other two just finally went outside. It is a beautiful day out there, and I am going to head out soon myself to give the horses their pellets.

Despite my relatively clean living room, which I accomplished this morning, and the sound of the dishwasher running in the background, today has been somewhat disastrous so far. I guess that is an exaggeration. It's just that Cody woke up on the wrong side of the bed and has needed a ton of disciplining all morning. His attitude is really bad today, and I'm not sure why. On top of that, Micah seems to have a fever, and he feels hotter than he did the last time he had a mild one. He is still coughing, and I just don't know what to do. Maybe it seems like a no-brainer. Take him to the doctor, right? Well, I have a few issues with that. First, taking him to the doctor is a complex ordeal as I have to take all three of them along, which turns into a very crazy and difficult experience. Second, every time I take the boys to the doctor, even when they are much sicker than this, I am told that it's viral and it has to just run its course. I do not want to go to the hassle of going all that way with all of them to find out there's nothing I can do. I am positive that is what I would be told.

My third dilemma, and perhaps the most pressing one, is that I lost my driver's license. No, I did not do anything illegal. I mean it is lost. Missing. It has disappeared. This is a source of great frustration and mystery to me, as I always keep it in the same place in my wallet, and I never remove it. Ever. There are only two possible explanations for this situation. One is that one of my boys removed it. This is very possible, as Micah goes after my purse every single time I leave it in reach, which is not often, but it does happen. Many times he has gone through Mike's wallet. I am sure he has been through mine too, though mine has a snap which helps, and usually when he gets my purse he goes for my cell phone, not my wallet. But he still could have done it. Jamie and Cody both used to do the same thing. Cody is too old for that now, and I honestly can't remember whether Jamie still does it or not.

The second possible explanation is that when I received my new license with my absolutely lovely photo that is good for five years (oh wait, it was hideous), I never put it in my wallet. I do remember receiving it, as it was quite horrifying. So did I not put it in my wallet? I can't imagine why I wouldn't have. But the more I think about it, the more I doubt myself and think this is somehow my fault. It is doing nothing to bolster my opinion of myself, which is not overly high these days...or ever, I suppose.

I guess the worst part about this license thing is that I discovered it on my way to go vote last night. We had to turn around and come home and turn the house upside down, to no avail, and then we had to just go ahead and feed the boys their supper, as it was getting late. I never found it, and I couldn't go back alone, so I did not vote last night.

I felt horrible about that, and it brought back a memory of a friend of mine in university who reamed me out brutally when I did not vote one time. I can tell you that I am not very politically inclined. I never have been. Now I have Mike, who loves politics, to kind of explain things to me, because I just hate politics and I guess I don't pay enough attention because of that. But back then, I did not have Mike. In addition to that, I did not have a television, so I was not aware of any of the candidates. And, (this will date me a bit), there was no internet available to find information that way. (The internet did exist, it just was not common for every household, or even for many.) Let's take that a step further and mention that I also had no vehicle to get to the voting station. So, even though at the time I felt guilty, I didn't want to go to the polls and just guess, so I chose to opt out. Some people find this very offensive, as voting is an important privilege in our country. I agree. We are very blessed here to have that option, and I have not missed an election for a very long time. But yesterday I did, and I thought of my friend (who is still preaching about voting on her Facebook page), and I felt like a loser. It was horrible.

I think I can get my license re-issued, but it costs money, and I also have to get there, which means driving. Ironic, isn't it? It's not a big deal. It's just one of those stupid things that should not have happened. On occasion, I do misplace things, but not things like this. I guess I'm only human, but sometimes I feel the pressure to be super-human around here.

The boys are playing soccer in a giant puddle of mud on the driveway. They wanted to play soccer outside, but how typical that they would choose to do it in the water instead of on the grass! Our snow has mostly melted, so that is good. What hasn't melted yet will definitely be gone by the end of today. It is a very nice day out. So far we are still not flooded downstairs and things seem to have improved very slightly, so that is good.

Anyway, there is not much else to report for now. I should try to clean the kitchen a little better, I guess. First I will feed the horses. The boys just came in. Jamie is drenched. I'm off for now.

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