Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Exhausted and indecisive!

It was a very eventful night last night. I find myself wondering whether I will ever have normal sleep patterns again. At 1:55 a.m. I woke up because Micah was crying in the monitor, calling me. I thought I'd use the bathroom before checking on him, so I did, but then he was quiet again. I decided to leave him alone, but I heard something else. An odd noise that sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. I knew it couldn't be the dog. He is pretty quiet at night, and somehow the sound was not something he could have done. I knew there was a kid up, but I didn't know who and I didn't know why. I stumbled down the brightly lit hall, eyes squinting, hair all over the place, and what I found rendered me utterly speechless. Jamie was there, wide awake, making slapshots with a real hockey stick in the living room and the kitchen. I could NOT believe it. What the heck was he doing? It was 2 a.m. I had a hard time not freaking out. I informed him that it was the middle of the night and he had to go back to bed. I removed the hockey stick from his hands with disastrous consequences. He had a massive meltdown, and it was loud. I was already feeling extremely irritated, and now I was mad and stressed. Micah had already settled and I did not want him waking again. 

Meanwhile, Radar, the dog, was going nuts in the kitchen. I assumed it was because Jamie was making such a big ruckus with his hockey playing, so I yelled at him (the dog) and carried Jamie kicking and hollering back to his bed. I even had to cover his mouth in his room for a moment because he was shouting and crying so loudly. That, of course, made him cry harder. Honestly, it was so ridiculous. I finally got him to agree to stay in bed and then Cody woke up and requested water. Then they both wanted water. Fine. I went back to the kitchen to get their water. There was dog poop on the floor. 

Radar does NOT have accidents in the house. Ever. I wondered if it had to do with our miscommunication earlier when we both fed him his nightly ration of food. I fed him once, and I guess he ate it all immediately, so when Mike came through the kitchen he just assumed Radar needed food and gave him his ration all over again. Maybe it proved too much for Radar's system. I don't know. So now I had to let the dog outside to finish the job. (It was clear that what he left on the floor was only a very small portion of what was to come.) 

So now it is after 2 a.m. and I have two out of three kids awake and poop on the kitchen floor. I was so angry. I got the boys settled and cleaned up the poop, then brought the dog back in so he would not keep us awake all night with barking. Then I washed my hands thoroughly and headed back to bed. I had not been in there five minutes when Jamie was up again. The rest is kind of a blur. He was up at least twelve times in the span of half an hour. Once to pee, evidenced by the fact that when he entered our room he was naked from the waist down and requesting help getting his pants back on. Once he came in with a hockey puck and laid it beside the stick, telling us he wanted to leave it with its friend, the hockey stick. At least a couple of times it was to ask, "Is it closer to morning yet?" I had to wonder what the heck he had consumed at supper time. He did not nap yesterday, so there was no reason for him to have insomnia. The only explanation was that he was so pumped about hockey that it kept him awake for much of the night. He really does have a passion for hockey. He was up before 7 a.m. asking if he could play yet. 

I feel like death warmed over, and Micah has a fever again, as far as I can tell. He is grouchy and snotty, and crying over every little thing. Well, on a normal day I would just cuddle him all day (off and on) and do my best to comfort him. Today, however, we are invited to Cody's school this afternoon for a "pirates and princesses party" from 2:30 p.m. til 4 p.m. I am feeling like a horrible mother because I do not know whether to go or not. Obviously Cody is going to be disappointed if I don't go, though he does understand that I may not be able to go because of the boys. But really, what am I to do? Micah seems to be sick, and Jamie was up for a long time in the middle of the night. I am exhausted myself for the same reason. 

And I have to stop writing now because Micah is bawling in front of me, begging me to hold him and read a book. This is crazy. I guess I'm off for now. I have no idea whether to go to the party or not. I guess I'll have to see what happens. Bye for now.


Jo said...

Can you leave the boys with someone and go and enjoy the party with just Cody? Sometimes it is good to recharge by knowing you did something special for at least one that day...hugs!

CAT said...

I would like to do that, but I feel bad leaving anyone with a sick boy. Micah just doesn't seem quite right. Everyone I know is either pregnant or has a baby plus other kids to take care of, and if my kids were healthy I'd see if I could go that route, but I don't want to pass any germs on. Micah is napping now, even though it is just barely lunch time. I hope he's better later. I'm going to try to go unless he's really in a bad state. Then I can always leave if things get dicey.