Monday, May 9, 2011

Here comes the flood.

I have been somewhat absent from this blog recently, and that is largely due to very busy days and sickness to boot. Yes, I am sick and have finally caught what my boys have had for close to seven weeks now. I can't seem to stop coughing and as a result my throat is very tender and sore. I am also exhausted, presumably from fighting it off. Here is a brief recap of what happened since my last post.

I did go to the pirates and princesses party at Cody's school. I put Micah and Jamie in little pirate bandanas and drew beards and goatees on them. I wish I had taken a picture because I had not done that to Micah before and he was truly adorable. We survived the party, though it was tiring, and Cody's whole face lit up when he saw us because he didn't think we would come. That made it all worthwhile.

Thursday my sister Andrea came and we did a bunch of horse stuff. I was with Sasha for well over an hour, though I don't remember fully how long. It went well despite some very distracting boys.

Friday morning first thing I found out I was on lunch supervision duty in Cody's class. The teachers in his school division have it in their contract that they have to be on break during lunch so they get us moms to volunteer for lunch supervision duty. Or at least that's what they're doing in the kindergarten class. Well, of course I freaked out because that's what I do. But I went and took my boys because I had no one to leave them with. Yikes. It was difficult. I supervised about fifteen five year olds (a couple were likely four and at least one was six) while they ate their lunches, and that had its challenges. I did have to break up more than one round of rough play between two boys, including an incident where one was pulling the other by a long rope-like scarf which was around the second boy's neck. I have worked at a day care before, though it has been many moons since those days, but the most challenging part of my day was having Micah along. Seriously, the first thing he did while I was running off my feet helping kids with their lunches was to pull a large jar of small beads off the shelf and then open it and dump the whole thing on the floor. That's pretty much the way the entire thing went. He went in all the kids' lockers, grabbed their stuff out, took a dry erase marker, grabbed a bottle of hand sanitizer, which is very scary stuff for kids. Anyway, I was there less than an hour and I was completely wiped out afterwards.

Then I went home and put Micah to bed after feeding him and Jamie, and then I spent another hour or so with Sasha, which was mostly positive.

Saturday we ended up at Mike's parents' place for a somewhat spontaneous family gathering. It was a really good day, albeit long, and the weather was perfect. His whole family including the kids comes to a total of 38 people. Yeah. It's big. The kids were outside nearly the whole time, and I was outside quite a bit too, on the deck. All in all, it was relaxing and very enjoyable. It is rare for the whole family to be together like that, particularly unplanned.

Sunday. Ah, Sunday. Mother's day. I was not feeling well that day with this blasted cough so I rested a lot. Mike played Mr. Mom, which gave me a major break from parenting and even household duties. I was very grateful. He really did a lot of cleaning. Cody gave me a card and a frame with a picture of him that he made at Kindergarten. He was really sweet about it.

And that brings me to today. My cough is worse now, so I'm feeling quite gross. I took Jamie for preschool screening today and left the other two with my sister-in-law, thankfully. Jamie did well, which was nice. We were not sure what to expect, seeing he is so different than Cody. He does not think like most kids. Anyway, it went very well and he was given some great books including a Dr. Seuss one that we did not previously own, along with a ball and some play-doh.

I must skip back for one moment to mention that yesterday evening at around 6:30 p.m., we were hit with a torrential downpour that lasted quite a while. After that it rained all night and drizzled some today. Our basement officially flooded in the middle of the night. Our two sump pumps are running full time and cannot keep up. We are trying to vacuum the excess water with the shop vac, but we can't keep up there either. It is coming in quite quickly, and I don't know what will happen overnight if we don't get up every hour to vacuum it. Mike is with two of his brothers right now trying to rig a system with a third pump outside to pull the water away from the house where it is coming in. (That spot is at the opposite end from where our sump pumps are running, so they appear to be doing their job quite well.)

Anyway, the flooding is quite stressful, and Mike and I both have worked our butts off all day between me with the boys and fighting the basement waters, and Mike working all day and then coming home and working ever since. It is 9:17 p.m. now and they are not done. I don't know how much longer they will work. Their plan does not seem to be working. Hm. I see they have the tractor out now. The fork lift is right in front of the living room window. I can't imagine what they are planning to do with that. Three heads are better than one though, so I'm really glad Mike has the help.

Tomorrow is a school day, so I'll be running around. That combined with fighting the flood may keep me from my blog for a while, but we'll see how things go.

I'm signing off now. It is 10:45 p.m. Mike's brothers just left and they were not successful, so we will continue to fill with water. I will report back when I can. Goodnight.


Jo said...

Do they not have paid noon hour supervisors at the school anymore? I used to that, and got paid. Weird. It is hard work, but every so often I had a good conversation with a kid and felt it was worthwhile to know what was going on.
So sorry about your basement...that is horrid and I know what it is like and so happy I am not dealing with it right now. Thinking of you all!

CAT said...

I'm not sure about paid supervisors. All I had to do was be in the classroom with them while they ate and get them outside for recess. I had to clean up after them as well. There are other people who supervise them outside. I don't know who they are, whether they are volunteer or whether they are paid. What did you get paid for?

Yes, the basement really is crappy, but it could be worse. I hope it doesn't get any worse. I've never had flooding before, though we did have a sewage backup in the winter, and that was gross. Thankfully, it was contained in one room so it did not get as severe as what some people have had. Ick!