Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our yard is a swamp land.

I took the boys outside this morning to take some pictures. Cody has his class mascot home, a huge stuffed beaver, and he is supposed to have the beaver's picture taken doing various activities. So we headed out in our rubber boots, all three boys and myself, and we took some pictures. First on the trampoline, which is in the front yard. Before we were close to done there, I saw that Micah had headed straight for trouble and was already wet from standing in a deep puddle. He has rubber boots, but they are not tall because he is so small. He ended up with his pants very wet. I don't have the pictures of the beaver, as I had to use the class camera to take them, but here are a couple I took last night with our camera.

 Above, he is posing on the one (formerly) dry spot on the basement floor. You can see how the water was advancing there. 
Here he is invading our fridge. See how big he is?

And Micah loves him. He is nearly bigger than Micah, and makes a great pillow or ride-on toy.

So that's the beaver. His name is Barkley, though I am not sure how they spell it. He actually normally wears a red t-shirt but we misplaced it last night so he was naked in these shots! Hehe. I think he looks much cuter that way, seeing it makes him look more real, but we put the shirt on for his school shots. 

Now here are a few pictures of our yard this morning. Let me preface this by saying that we live on very sandy soil. We rarely get puddles at all, and when we do, they disappear often in less than a day. I have never seen this much water in our yard, and the year we built it was a very wet summer with a high water table. It did not compare to this. 

Of course, Jamie played hockey in the water. That is pretty much his number one passion. Hockey. Any time, any place. He was using a hockey stick and a golf ball. 

Cody and Micah are in this one. Not sure if you can tell how deep that water is, but this picture shows how swampy our yard is. It might not look like much but all of those puddles were ankle deep on me.

Here they are, my three musketeers. Can you see how far up Jamie's boot the water goes? Notice how wet Micah's pant legs are here too. He has been through three outfits today so far, though only one from the puddles. The second one involved a lot of yogurt. He is working on the third one now. We'll see what he comes up with.

And here's Micah standing very happily in the middle of the biggest "puddle" out there. He was beyond delighted to be outside, but when he discovered the water he was ecstatic.

The battle rages on in the basement. I suppose I may have made it sound worse than it is. I should clarify that what is in our basement is not deep. It is, however, enough to cover the whole floor, which is just under 1500 square feet. I don't know how deep it is today. Yesterday I'd say it was getting close to an inch deep in places, but we pumped a lot out last night and it did improve. However, it has not been pumped since and I can see looking down the stairs that it is significantly worse than it was even before we pumped it yesterday. Our sump pumps are still running, but the one we bought to get rid of the standing water in the basement is not in use right now. I'd love to vacuum it all out, but it would be impossible unless we were running several vacuums at the same time. Right now they are saying that there is no more rain in the forecast for the next week, but they change it so frequently it is hard to put any stock in that. I hope they are right. 

It is nearly lunch time, so I will make something for the boys to eat and then get Micah down for a nap. I told Cody we'd bake cookies today so we could take pictures of Barkley baking with us, but I'm really not feeling well still so I'm not sure whether I'm up for it. We already have enough pictures of him, and I really need to have a rest this afternoon. I guess I'll see how I'm doing. Mike is not going to get home tonight until the boys are in bed, I think, or very close to it, so it is going to be a long day for me. I'm not sleeping that well, dreaming about flood water all night every night. I hope this situation improves soon. My heart goes out to everyone who is in far worse situations than I am. Those who have been evacuated, or had their basements or even their whole homes destroyed by this flood. And of course the people in Japan and the ones in the U.S. where those terrible tornadoes hit. (Hm. I had a tornado dream last night too.) Those are my reminders to be thankful for how good things really are here. 

I must sign off and prepare some kind of vittles for this crew. They are foraging. 

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