Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still flooded, but dreaming about pools?

Here we are half way through a week and I have not posted in here at all. Things are very similar around here to the way they have been lately. I still have my cough, though it is much improved so I am thankful for that. Our basement still has a lot of water in it, and despite a combination of five pumps running both inside and outside of the house, we cannot seem to get the water out so we can clean up the basement. It is unclear how long we will be in this particular situation, but I'm guessing at least another week.

Today is a school day, so Cody is not here. That's probably really good for me, as he has been having some extremely rebellious times at home and things have been difficult here as a result. He was especially bad yesterday morning, but thankfully he did improve in the afternoon. I'm not sure what the root of the problem is, though I suspect a combination of things. So I have Jamie and Micah, and so far they have both been quite good, for the most part. I think Jamie is heading back outside again, so that is good for him and for me. I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on around here because I have not been doing much since I got sick. I usually manage one load of dishes through the dishwasher a day, which is not enough, and sometimes laundry, but not every day. We are not using cloth diapers right now, which has significantly cut back on my laundry duties. Our water smells like sulphur, and I have been concerned about wrecking the diapers by washing them in water that is stinky, so I have decided to wait until the water situation improves. I'm feeling a bit guilty about throwing all these diapers in the landfill, but I have to remind myself that it is a tiny number compared to what I would be doing if I were not using cloth at all. I do look forward to getting back into it, but again, I'm not sure how long it will take.

Our big news is that Mike got a job. He was already working as a teacher, but his position was a one year term, which he took after leaving a more long-term but less stable position elsewhere. Anyway, this week he secured a permanent position and it is closer to home plus it is a principal position so it is a major step up. This has taken quite a load off our minds, as we were wondering what was going to happen to us this fall. Yay!

And the other thing on my mind lately? Well, this is just really silly, but I really badly want a pool. I don't mean a kiddie wading pool. I want a pool. I have wanted one my whole life, and I have never had one. I recognize that I will likely never have an in ground pool, as they are just too darn expensive, plus I think maybe here that would be a problem as the water table is so high under the ground that we'd probably have to build the ground up really high to get the bottom of a pool above the water. But there has to be a way of getting some kind of above ground pool that is big enough for me to actually swim in but that won't break the bank. Haha. I'm mostly dreaming, but this really has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I really want a pool. I'm telling you, if I were rich, that is one of the things I would have for sure, and it would have landscaping. It would have a waterfall, and lights around it and also under the water. I love swimming, but I hate being in a bathing suit in public, so that's why the idea of having my own private pool is so appealing to me. I would probably use it almost every single day in the summer.

Okay, indulge in a little fantasy with me, will you? Here are some pictures I found online of backyard pools that I could handle seeing outside my window every day.

Okay, the pool above and the pool below are the same pool from a different angle. It is called a disappearing edge pool, so from the right angle, it looks like the water just drops into nothing. That's why there's that extra little bit of water at the bottom. These are popular if you live at the top of a cliff or high hill as it looks like it drops away into nothing. I should see if I can find a better picture of one in the daylight. 

Here's a great example of a pool with a disappearing edge.

Here's another place I could handle swimming. Wow.

The one above even has a fire going beside the waterfall. Haha! I wouldn't go that far, but the rest I love.

I really like this one. It is so pretty and a little simpler than some of the others. Doesn't it look therapeutic? 

I have always loved to dream about pools and about the kind of pool I would someday have. I will very likely never have a pool like any of these, or maybe even a pool at all. It is hard to say at this point. I hope I will have something some day, but meanwhile, I can dream. 

I better sign off for now before I get too caught up in my pool ideas! Bye for now.

October 5, 2011: I am editing this post because it has been brought to my attention that I used these photographs without permission. I did so out of sheer ignorance, not even realizing these (or several of them) came from a design website. I just pulled them off of Google images, and had no idea where they had come from. I have now learned who they belong to, and he has asked me to please credit him for the photos as well as put a link on to his website. His name is Chris Capriano, and the website is If you are interested in any of his other designs, or even his blog, please visit his link. To Chris, I apologize for having used your photographs without permission. It was my error, and was done unintentionally. (I'm a bit naive about things like that.) Thank you for graciously allowing me to keep your photographs on my blog post. Your designs truly are beautiful, and though I am not in a position to get a pool myself at this time, I do enjoy dreaming about it and photos like yours are truly inspiring!


Anita said...

The pool looks beautiful! Not sure what your opinion of snakes is, or if you even have any snakes around your yard, but apparently water attracts snakes. I can't handle them hanging around so thought I'd just give you a warning!

CAT said...

Hehe. It's funny how our own perspectives can be so different on the same matter. I am not terribly fond of snakes. They don't scare me, and I am willing to pick them up, but I would not want mass amounts of them slithering around my yard either. I would also be greatly disturbed if one ended up in my pool! But if I ever do get one, it will likely be an above ground, so that would be less likely, I think. Thanks for the heads up! I never would have thought of that!

Songinthenight said...

Dream big, my dear! God has answered a lot of your prayers & the big dreams you talked about when we shared a room many years ago!!!

Anonymous said...

We are flattered you've taken interest in our projects, However my photographs are protected by international copyright laws. You may continue to use the photographs but please give us credit for the photographs or link the photos back to our website.

We receive notifications every time someone clicks on one of our photos so please make the necessary changes or remove the photos.

CAT said...

Please note that I already edited my post back when you sent your first comment, which I did not publish. If you are still okay with these photographs being on here, please don't keep sending the comments. Otherwise, if you are not okay with my update, let me know and I can remove the photos. Perhaps you did not notice the update. I honoured the request you sent. If it's not sufficient, let me know ASAP and I will deal with it accordingly. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mom!