Friday, May 13, 2011

What a week!

I missed yesterday, seeing this site was down all day, but it has been quite a week around here. I am still very sick with a bad cough which is making my voice extremely weak and of course, yodely. My favourite. It makes things difficult when trying to get the attention of three wild little boys who are already naturally louder than I am. In addition to that, Cody seemed to get into a very rebellious state this week and decided to challenge me on everything. The word "challenge" is a bit of an understatement. Maybe it would be better to describe it as waging war. Today was the worst day as far as his attitude and actions go, though Wednesday was also brutally bad.

Bad attitude days can be survivable, or they can break the stay-at-home mom. I find that it depends on the day for me. This week I was not functioning, due to being so sick myself, so Wednesday I pretty much lost it all day. Today was better in a way. I was still upset and discouraged by the way things were going, but I tried to maintain my calm as much as possible. Things would have been less stressful if we hadn't needed to leave the house.

As it turns out, Cody contracted pink eye at school this week. I knew it was going around, and sure enough, he got it yesterday, though I was not aware until the end of the day. Anyway, I was advised by the public health nurse that I should take him to the doctor. Let me tell you, this did not thrill me, and here is why. First, going to the doctor with all three of the boys was sure to be a "challenge", and again, that is an understatement. Second, I was not up for said challenge, being that I am feeling weak and sick. Third, I strongly suspected it would be a wasted trip seeing it was very likely to be viral and in that case, they would just tell us to let it run its course.

So after a badly failed attempt at a badly needed nap, I got up and dragged all three of my boys to the van and off to a nearby town to see a doctor. The waiting room was interesting. Thankfully, it was not very full. I was like a mother duck whose ducklings were all over the place. They followed me, but in very loose formation and they strayed a lot. When we were sitting waiting, Micah climbed onto a chair and came within less than an inch of pulling the fire alarm. Did I mention this clinic is in a hospital? Do you have any idea how much trouble I would be in if my kid pulled the fire alarm in a hospital? In the actual doctor's office, I had to feed them a constant stream of soda crackers, which they devoured like army ants on a carcass, littering crumbs everywhere in his very nice office. They fought over the crackers and Micah continually tried to escape out the door. It was embarrassing to say the least.

In the end, the doctor declared Cody to have a viral case of pink eye. Big shock. So there is nothing I can do and there is a good chance all of our kids will get it. In addition to that, I had him check me while I was there, seeing I am sick. I knew it would be for nothing, but I figured I would regret it if I did not. He offered me antibiotics, saying that in my case there was a chance it was bacterial but he could not tell for sure. I declined. I am not going to take antibiotics if it is unnecessary. So, my long, stressful outing was completely useless in the end. I guess in a sense it was not, because at least now I have something to tell the school next week, if he is not better by then.

All in all, a nasty way to end the week. And of course, we still have over an inch of water in the basement. I know it's not much, but it is a constant presence that hangs over our heads. It could cause mould. It has ruined the bottom of all our drywall, which Mike just completed, and it has likely ruined some of our belongings, though we will have to assess that better when the time comes. At the very least, I am glad it is Friday and Mike is home with us. Hopefully we will have some positive experiences this weekend to counter the week. I'm signing off for now.

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