Monday, May 2, 2011

Winter returns.

Our blizzard warning for the weekend did not disappoint. It started pouring rain on Friday evening which lasted all night. Not good, as our basement was in imminent danger of flooding. I expected to wake up to snow, so I thought we might be out of the woods. The rain did not stop, however, and by mid-morning it was snowing. It snowed all day and all night. Our horses were a sight to be seen. They were covered in ice and they were so grouchy. I felt so sorry for them. Here's a shot of Sasha through the window.

You can see she looks like she has a white mane. That's all ice. They fought violently over their food because they were so miserable. It was really pathetic, but kind of funny too. Today, Sasha looks really nice and clean after being showered for twelve hours and then covered in ice. Hehe. They are all much happier today.

Our highways were closed for a long time due to the blizzard, and we got a lot of snow here. It looks like winter once again, even though last week we were at 20 degrees. (That's 68 degrees fahrenheit, for you Americans.) Now it is below zero once again and there is ice and crusty snow everywhere. It is supposed to get warm, (well, warm-ish) today, so it will be doing a lot of melting. We are holding our breath to see whether all our pumps in the basement will be able to prevent us from flooding. We had power flickers all weekend, but we were extremely blessed in that the longest the power was out was about three seconds. Any more than a minute and we would have flooded for sure, as our pump was running every 15 seconds to keep up with all the water. Down the road, the ditches are near overflowing once again. The roads are full of deep ruts too from all the precipitation combined with melting temperatures yesterday afternoon, so I am concerned that I may not be able to get Cody from school later. Wouldn't that be something? What would I do if I couldn't get out of here? Mike got stuck with the van yesterday when he tried to leave. I made it out this morning to take Cody to school, but the ground was frozen then. Later it will be wet and mushy, so I might be in trouble. It should be interesting.

Here are a few shots of the blizzard in our yard on Saturday.

Remember, we had no snow left before the weekend. 
Doesn't look like April 30th to me.
 This was taken on May 1st. Can you tell how much snow we got? That was in one day.

 Here you can see the boys' bikes buried and the large ride-on tractor too.
I just took this to show how much snow was sitting on the railing. It turns out it is a lot deeper than that on the ground. What a crazy storm!

Other than the weather, our weekend was fairly uneventful. Well, not completely, I guess. Micah did dump an entire bottle of syrup on the floor on Saturday. I was just thrilled. He was covered in it too and had to be showered. 

Now I have Micah and Jamie, who are fighting. Micah is throwing a tantrum on the floor right now because I confiscated a drinking glass from him. Looks like it will be another typical day on the home front.

I did manage to write two more pages on my book on the weekend, which doesn't sound like much but it's more than I've done in over a month, so I was thankful for that. I might try some more this afternoon if these crazy boys will cooperate. Right now they are playing with a Pringles chip tin. They are alternately using it as a drum and then pretending to drink out of it. (It's empty.) At least they're not fighting for the moment. I am being offered a turn on the prestigious drum, so I must sign off. Bye for now.

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