Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another day at our personal beach.

Sometimes in motherhood there are days where everyone would be better off if we could just skip to tomorrow and pretend this day never happened. Today is one of those days. I was at the end of my rope yesterday, and today I think I have plummeted from the rope and landed very badly. All of my boys are making me very angry, even Micah. I am completely losing it, and I think it's because today is Saturday, a day that should mean support and help for me, but I don't get any at all and I honestly don't think I can cope. If we were not trapped here, I probably would have taken the boys somewhere else for the day, but we are most certainly trapped.

Cody and Jamie have been at each other's throats all morning and the noise level in here has risen to something completely intolerable. It's like Chinese water torture. Something seemingly small that just grates and grates until it becomes unbearable agony. Micah has repeatedly dumped my clean laundry basket on the floor and also stole a jar of peanut butter from the pantry. I caught him eating out of it with his bare hands. For some reason, peanut butter really grosses me out unless it is mixed with chocolate inside of something baked, so I was disgusted. Then he smeared it all over my shirt. Ick.

It is now several hours past when I wrote the previous paragraphs. The boys were outside for a couple of hours, which was a nice break for my sanity. They played in the water in out front yard. I went in too, to measure it. It was eight inches deep in some parts. They took toy boats out and floated them. I will try to post some pictures.

Mike is home now, but apparently he will be rushing off nearly immediately, which has me really down. I don't think he is grasping just how burnt out I am and how desperately I need a break. At least there is a giant chocolate chip cookie baking in the oven right now. Hopefully I won't eat the whole thing while he is gone tonight.

Just for comparison's sake, check these two pictures out. Above shows our driveway the day we evacuated. On that day, the water down the driveway that you see was too deep to drive through, though large trucks could make it. Notice that past the "puddle" you can see the tracks where our driveway was still dry.

This picture (above) was taken today. There is only a very small patch of ground between the yard and the driveway that is not underwater. It is not dry, but it is still showing. Notice that down the driveway there is water as far as the eye can see. We didn't think it could get worse than the day we evacuated.

Above is a shot of our yard over a month ago. You can see all the water in the grass. There is more water now than there ever was, but it is not visible through the grass!

This was taken this afternoon. The ground is equally swampy, but the grass is SO long you can hardly see the water anymore. It is not pretty in our yard, to say the least.

I took this shot of the boys standing in front of the grass to show how ridiculously overgrown our "lawn" is. Needless to say, we cannot mow it in this condition, and even the horses cannot clean it up for us with that much water in there.

Here is Jamie playing with a playmobil boat and a toy donkey. The boys had a lot of fun in the water today. This puddle is eight inches deep in many places.

Another shot of the driveway. Where it spreads to the left used to be our "parking lot", and this winter we also used it to store our round bales. It is now totally under water.

Does this look like a driveway to you?

And another shot of the disaster that is our driveway. It is nearly too difficult for even the tractor to make it through now.

Looking toward the house from the driveway. I feel like we have one of those trashy yards now with ugly stuff everywhere. It is so depressing.

And just for fun, here is our pretty Maybelline enjoying the sun (but not the flies) this afternoon. Indy is peeking out behind her.

And here is my Sasha, needing to put on some weight. She also has a lump on her face from her sinus infection, for which she is currently on antibiotics. But she is still gorgeous!

Anyway, Mike just bathed the boys, which will probably end up being somewhat useless seeing I have to feed them yet, and they will likely get covered in food. But I don't care. At least that is one less thing I have to worry about. I'm assuming he is leaving immediately, without a single conversation with me. Sorry to word it that way, but I am finding this very depressing. He is nearly done work, but before he is done there will be so many times he is not here, including an overnight with his students. I hope I can make it through the next two weeks. I better sign off now. 

P.S. I think I burnt my giant cookie. That is most definitely disappointing. 

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