Sunday, June 19, 2011

Breaking news...(NOW WITH UPDATE.)

This just in. It appears our flood may have taken its first casualty. About an hour ago, Cody's giraffe fell out of her boat into the murky waters and he was unable to locate her. The panicked Cody sought help from his dad, who unsuccessfully scanned the waters to find her. Now very distraught, Cody entered the house, nearly in despair. I went out with him and took Jamie's butterfly net. I used it to drag the "lake". Despite many passes back and forth, I could not locate the giraffe and I was getting very hot and getting far too many mosquito bites. We returned indoors to set a timer so the mud would have time to settle in the water. It turned out, 20 minutes was not enough. Despite a depth of only eight or nine inches, it is impossible to see anything in the water. Sadly, we had to call off the search for the day. If the water has settled after supper, we will try again. Otherwise, giraffe will have to wait until tomorrow morning. The good news is, giraffe is made of plastic and can be underwater indefinitely with no serious physical side effects. Psychologically, she may be in rough shape, but we are confident Cody can bring her through it.

The one bonus to this tragic event is that in our search, I found and captured a tadpole which is now swimming in a plastic bin on our deck, much to the boys' delight and amusement. Cody has decided to name it Toad Rainbow ________ (insert our last name here).

Yep. That's Toad Rainbow. Poor thing. Hope he makes it. As for Giraffe, I will have to keep you updated on that stressful situation. For now, I am off to cook a meal I have never made before. I am a little nervous, as I am not terribly talented in the kitchen. In addition to that, I would really like to go to sleep at the moment. However, being that it's Father's Day, I guess I better step up and do this. And that reminds me, even though my giant cookie overflowed all over the bottom of my oven and got very dark around the edges, it turned out to be quite delicious. Micah massacred it this morning with a steak knife, and so it is mostly gone now, but while it survived it was actually quite good.

I'm off to rescue Micah from his nap and make this supper. If Giraffe is found tonight I will add an update.

UPDATE: After pumping out a good two inches of water from the lake that I'll call "the Beach", Mike found and rescued Giraffe. Cody was immensely relieved that his pal was saved before the tractor had to drive through and potentially run her over. Giraffe was given a vigorous bath by Mike and is now safe and sound in the house. Phew!

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