Monday, June 27, 2011

Countdown begins - day one alone

Technically, I have been alone with the boys for every day of the last three weeks except one, so today is not really my first day alone. But it is the first day Mike will not be coming home tonight, so I am counting it as day one of my two longest days this week. So far, I am happy to report, my troubles with rebellious and defiant boys (boy) are far better than they were. Of course, as soon as I typed that, they burst back into the house after being out for less than five minutes, so I am back in the battle again. I had booted them out, from sheer necessity. Ugh. Just got them back out the door, but not without difficulty. I don't like this time of day.

Micah is napping but should be up any minute now, if he is not awake already. I have a strict ban on TV right now because I have been way too liberal with it over the past few weeks. No more. I am picky about what shows they watch, and the ones I allow are good and they learn from them, but it doesn't matter. If they are allowed to watch all afternoon the consequences are terrible. Sometimes it has to be done so I can get my sanity back, or my health in some cases when I absolutely must nap, but for now, I am not allowing a single minute of TV or any other technology. (Wii, iPod...etc.) So my oldest does not take well to these boundaries. It is much harder for him than his younger brother, for whatever reason. Micah does not care about TV, seeing he is not quite two, and I am very glad.

So we have made it through more than half the day and there have been no disasters as of yet. Still, the most difficult time of day is approaching, beginning when Micah gets up from his nap. Then I'll have three or four hours straight of frenzied activity until I finally get the last one in bed and collapse. My main project this afternoon has been getting Jamie to stay awake so he is not up all evening. I MUST have my evening to myself or I will not survive tomorrow!!!

My next project? Figuring out what on earth I'm going to feed them for supper. I am not very imaginative about cooking, and with Mike gone I don't really want to make anything elaborate. Macaroni? I don't know. Pancakes maybe? Ugh. See? I don't really know what to cook unless it's like roast beef or a whole roasted chicken, and I would not do that without Mike here. I guess I could just do scrambled eggs or something. I am out of flour and Mike did not buy any on his big shopping trip yesterday, so I can't bake and it does eliminate some supper recipes too.

Well, they're back again, and Micah is definitely awake. The boys were on the trampoline, but said they heard a coyote howl so they ran in. It is hard to say whether they really did or not, but I'd rather not take the chance. This morning they said they heard something growl in the bush. Fantastic. They ran in very fast. Cody tells tall tales sometimes, but I believe they probably heard something. It could have been a deer snorting, or maybe it was something more ominous. Either way, I kept them in for a while to be safe. Supposedly we have bears on our land, but we've been here over five years and have never seen a single trace of one, so I'm not sure what to think of that. Hopefully we never will.

Now I'm off to get Micah up and wrack my brain for something to feed my poor children. I will report in on day two. Or maybe even tonight if things get interesting before tomorrow!


Pianamama said...

I play the TV guilt trip game all the time. Sometimes I wish we were the pioneers so it wouldn't even be an issue! You hang in there and cherish the good moments with your little ones. Try to let the bad ones go as quickly as they come. It will get better. Thankfully we are blessed every morning with a new day.

CAT said...

You are right, of course, and it is always good to be reminded that tomorrow is a brand new day. Today was not all good, but it was certainly not horrible, and I am very thankful. We certainly had some precious moments and those are the times I am reminded of how truly blessed I am!