Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day at the beach...sort of.

Today it is sunny again and the boys actually spent some time outside this morning. They built a sand castle under our deck, which is more like a landing at the top of the stairs that lead to our front door. They took buckets and filled them with flood water and made a moat. They had a blast. Later they rode their bikes around and through the shallower section of water, which was about four to five inches deep. They even ran through it and soaked their pants. Well, Cody did. Jamie was a little more reserved, which is kind of surprising. I watched them out the window. It was like they had a day at the beach, without even leaving home. I was glad they were at least able to have some fresh air and exercise, despite the less than ideal conditions outside. Micah was very ripped off that I didn't let him follow them, but the water is way too deep for him, and he would go straight for it because that's what he does.

I decided today that I would pick small sections of the house at once and clean them. I started with the hall. Sounds silly, but there were several toys scattered about and my vacuum was still plugged in there. It's central vac, so there was a long hose and the beater bar, and it was in the way. I took everything out of the hall and then vacuumed it. Hm. That was satisfying. Such a small area, but it felt nice to have it clean and empty. I moved on to the living room, where there is currently an explosion of toys. The boys were gracious enough to help me clean everything including their train tracks so I could vacuum. Now they have a train set out again, but nothing else. Slowly, things are improving in here! I need to tackle the kitchen next, but I am going to relax for a while first. I have to do that during Micah's nap or I don't get any kind of a break and these days I need my breaks more than ever.

There is a high probability that we will have to evacuate again, though I am not sure when. The mould is growing back in our basement, this time directly on the wood now that the drywall is gone. In addition to that, Mike got stuck in the second lake on the driveway this morning and his vehicle is still stuck there. He had to take the van, so we are truly trapped here now. It's not a very good feeling, but for the moment we are okay and do not need to go rushing off anywhere. I don't know how he will get his car out. This might sound terrible, but I hope it will not involve me. I do not want to venture into the Amazon to rescue a car, but if he needs my help I will do just that. I keep thinking we need to find the inflatable dinghy and just anchor it by the big lake on the driveway. That way we can paddle through if we need to. (Rolling eyes.) Talk about ridiculous.

Things are a little tougher here with boys' attitudes, one boy in particular, but he seems okay for the moment. I hope they will continue to have a fun time playing nicely together all afternoon. I might grab a book from my shelf that I haven't read in a long time and do some reading today. Not sure whether I have the energy to write, but if I do, I might tackle some of that too. Working on chapter seven now, but it's going very slowly because of the way things are right now.

So, I'm off to have some relaxation time with my fur babies. One is curled up in my arms right now (Tabu, my tabby) and Cricket, our black and white cat, is curled up at the end of the bed. Tabu is purring and keeping me warm. I like it. I'm off for now.

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