Friday, June 3, 2011

Day Four in Exile

Yesterday went all right. I did not take Micah to the doctor as his pink eye appeared to be clearing up. This morning, he looks pretty close to normal, so I am relieved to have one thing off my mind. Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart with the boys and got Cody some runners. We bought a few other things (my Mom came with me, or I would never have ventured in the store with all three boys.) Then we went to Toys R Us and let them each pick out a small toy to help lift their spirits a bit. Our intention was to take them to a play ground in the afternoon, but as it would happen, we were hit with a thunderstorm. Big shock there.

I found out last night that more and more rain has fallen at our home, so I cannot go back at this point. It is not possible to come in and out without trekking through the horses' pasture in a very roundabout route, so it does not make sense for me to be stuck there with all three boys. Mike is hoping to get some shale to build up the driveway so that is not an issue anymore, but it is unclear at this point whether anyone will be available to deliver any. If they cannot, I can't very easily live there with the boys even though Mike moved back in last night. It is good that someone is there to feed the horses, cats and dog, but I really hope we can go back soon.

Our night last night was pretty much a disaster. Micah, who is sharing a room with me, pretty much woke up ready to party at 1 a.m. or so. He was talking, singing, shouting "Mama!" and so on, and no amount of shushing would stop him. Jamie then woke up three times with nightmares. The second time I brought him into my room to share a bed with me, but Micah would not be quiet, so I finally had to put Jamie back in his own bed. He was up again shortly after that. My poor mom was up every time too, and the third time she pretty much laid on the floor beside Jamie's air mattress until he was calm enough to sleep. I couldn't easily leave my room or Micah would have a meltdown, making even more noise and potentially waking the entire house. Not that we weren't all awake already. Cody was the only one who slept through. We are all tired today. Micah is already sleeping and has been since about 12:35 p.m., and Jamie wants to nap but is so grouchy he keeps snarling at me whether I encourage him to sleep or get up.

We took them to a playground this morning, but we hope to take them to a really big new one this afternoon. It is a gorgeous day here today, which is nice. I am exhausted, but fairly relaxed today. It is hard not knowing when I can go home, but I'm glad the weather is nice so the boys can play outside. We bought them bubble stuff yesterday so they have been enjoying that in the yard. I'd love to lay down for a while, but my bed is in Micah's room, so I don't dare go in there lest he wake up. The other two would probably eventually find me too and barge in, also waking him up. Oh well.

There is not much else to report at this time. Hopefully things will get sorted out soon, but we will for sure be here tonight, and it is looking like there is a good chance I'll be here all weekend. Next week is a big blank so far. I will have to wait and see what happens. The boys are adjusting well and don't seem to be as freaked out as they were at first. I am far less stressed myself, though I am still upset, so I think they are more relaxed as a result. Guess I am off for now to find a quiet spot to work on my book. Might as well do that while I'm here! I did some last night finally, so I should be able to do more today. I will try to update again tomorrow.

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