Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Exodus

Well, it has finally happened. We had to leave our house. The flooding continues to get worse, and our basement walls are growing mould at an alarming rate. Here are some pictures.

This is just a small area of the basement, but many walls were covered in this mould. I did some research and found out that not all mould that looks black is considered "black mould", as in the really deadly stuff. However, it looks like ours probably is. With the serious dangers of this type of mould, we felt the urgency to get out of the house right away. Mike's brothers came yesterday afternoon to help tear off the drywall. The plan was for me to take the kids away when the guys got there. 

Prior to that I was stuck because we were in the middle of yet another torrential downpour that lasted somewhere in the range of twelve hours. The "puddle" on our driveway, previously deep and rutty and difficult to get through, had become impassable. Cody had to stay home from school. Secretly, I believed I could make it, but Mike advised me not to. So I stayed home. I was busy packing anyway, preparing to go to my parents' place in the big city three hours away. I was stressed and at a breaking point. My stomach was sick as a result. I felt wretched. The boys were grouchy and awful. Oh, and aside from the insane amount of water pouring down from the sky, the winds were incredibly strong. It was miserable. The driveway went from way better worse than we've ever seen it in just hours. Here is a photo of how the driveway normally looks. 

This photo was taken on April 11th. Notice the ruts in the driveway. That is normal for spring. They usually get small puddles in them and get somewhat mucky for a few weeks. No big deal.

This is the same view yesterday. Please note, we NEVER have standing water in our yard. In a horrible down pour we sometimes get large puddles, but we live in the sand, so they disappear within hours afterward, or a day at the most. What we are seeing now is absolutely unheard of. I will also add that down the driveway where you see the giant lake, the water is up to the top of Mike's rubber boots. Over a foot deep. I would NEVER have gotten my van through that. Thank God I didn't try.

Here you can see the water in our yard is incredible, and almost meets up with the lake on the driveway. The yard was over six inches deep in many, if not most places. Unbelievable.

Above is a tricycle that I used as a rain gauge. This first one was taken at 8 a.m. Notice the water level compared to the middle of the tire. 

Three hours later, the rain is up by close to an inch. When I left with the boys a few hours later, the black center of the tire was almost completely underwater. 

Just to make things more interesting, the fence also went down and I had to wade through water that was deeper than six inches in places trying to put it back up. It's just a single strand of poly rope electric fence. I made sure I shut it off first. I hoped it would not go down again. I'm fairly certain the wind was the culprit. 

So I am at Mike's parents' place with the boys. I have a headache from lack of sleep. I just couldn't settle my mind last night so was awake until around 2 a.m. Today I will head to my parents' place. I have an appointment in half an hour with Cody at his school, so I have to sign off for now. I may not have internet at my parents' place, so not sure I'll be able to update this very well. Either way, we are surviving, but both Mike and I are very discouraged and upset. I don't know when I can go back home, but mould or no mould, I cannot get in and out with that much water in my way. I will update when I can.


Jo said...

Aww, so sorry for you all. Told hubby too. Now it's adventure time...when you can't do anything else, you have an adventure! Pray your energy returns and you have a wonderful time with your folks and friends far away.

Christy said...

I'm sorry hun. I know it's incredibly difficult to leave your home and have to go elsewhere. Praying that it will pass quickly and you guys will find a solution. Like Jo hoping there will be bright spots and laughter in this time away for you all.