Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Messy boys.

Today I am battling a wicked headache, so I am doing a lot of hiding in my room. I think today I will for sure have to rest in the afternoon if my head doesn't feel better soon. I keep thinking it is Friday, which is ridiculous, seeing it is only Tuesday. I am so desperate for the weekend, even though again I will be on my own on Saturday.

Last night I ventured out. Yes, I rode in the bucket of the tractor once again. I was amazed at the depth of the water on the driveway, particularly that it stayed really deep for such a long distance. I went to town by myself and bought some books that I saw on a local classfieds website. I got them really cheap, and it is an author I enjoy. There were 24 books and out of those there are 17 that I have never read. I paid quite a bit less than $2 per book, so I don't mind that I have read some and own three of them already. I intend to give away the ones that are duplicates for me. I have not started reading yet, but I might this afternoon when things get quiet around here, if I stay awake. My tractor ride was unpleasant, as usual, but mostly bearable. It started to rain just before I left the house, and then when I got back home it did the same thing, so in addition to hanging on for dear life while squatting the whole time (ouch!) and fending off mosquitos and swarms of moths, I got rained on both ways. But, I got my books and a little space. I even skipped the boys' bedtime routine, which was nice for a change.

Today my only real plan is to try to catch up on the laundry a bit. I am working on my second load, although it is contingent upon the boys agreeing to gather their dirty clothes from their room and the bathroom. My sister, who also has three boys, manages to keep their rooms really clean all the time and it boggles my mind. Really, they have nice rooms. Maybe it's because mine are sharing a room? I don't know, but their room is horrible almost all the time. I can hardly stand it, but right now things are extra cluttered upstairs because of the flooding in the basement, so I am somewhat limited with my ability to keep toys and such out of their room. But part of the horrible mess is that every day they rip all their bedding off their beds and leave it laying on the floor. Then toys and dirty clothes get mixed in, and it all becomes very overwhelming!!! Jamie changes clothes a million times a day, if he puts any on in the first place. He tends to change every time he goes to the bathroom. It's annoying. They also pull clean stuff out of their dresser and toss that around, so I never know what is clean and what is dirty in there. Yikes. Somehow I have to get a handle on the mess in their room, but I don't know how. That might be a battle I save for another day. We'll see.

Anyway, they are begging for food, and technically it is almost lunch time, so I guess I better face the music and make them something to eat. I'm almost half way through the day, I guess, so that is something to be glad about. Oh, and we have barely gotten any rain in the past three days despite mass amounts being in the forecast. That is miraculous and I am very thankful. We will have to wait and see how the rest of the week goes. Meanwhile we are busy pumping water out of the driveway and the yard, but it is very slow-going. Baby steps, I suppose. I'm off for now.


Christine said...

LOL! My boys' rooms get really messy too, it's just that when you come over it is usually for a big family gathering which is why the boys' rooms are so clean! You should see Noah's room right now, I hate even walking into it. When things get so I can't stand them, I help each boy clean his own room. I haven't figured out yet how to motivate them to keep it clean. I'm hoping to tackle that problem with Noah as soon as school is over.

CAT said...

Oh Christine, this makes me feel much better! hahaha! How naive of me to think boys were actually keeping their rooms so spotless on their own. Mine are worse than yours though, because even their walls are ruined from writing all over them, plus instead of blinds (which they pulled off and ripped to shreds) all we have is a queen size navy blue bed sheet hanging over a rod. It is very messy and ugly. Oh, and they also have torn off almost 100% of the adorable border that you and Sharlette put up for us. So even when their room is "tidy", it never looks clean. Yikes.