Friday, June 10, 2011

We made it through the week!

The sun is shining again today, though it is not especially warm here. The water level in our yard dropped an inch overnight and I hope it will continue on that trend very quickly because more rain is on the way Sunday and Tuesday.

After a week of being cooped up, the proverbial you-know-what has officially hit the fan. My boys are in rotten moods today, with the exception of Micah who only screams if one of his brothers steals a toy from him, which happens approximately every thirty seconds. Right now he is in his nap, but all I hear in the monitor is, "Mommy? Mo-mmmyyy! Are you??" Haha. Looks like he will not be sleeping today, which means I will not be sleeping either. No matter. He can stay in bed until 3 p.m. and rest, even if he won't sleep. I need the break. The other two are watching TV, which is not really great, but this week I am not worrying about it too much given our circumstances.

Mike's brother is hoping to deliver a bunch of shale tomorrow so we can attempt to build up the driveway enough that we can get in and out of here. Mike got stuck very badly yesterday and now the vehicles have to be parked WAY down the driveway. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but our driveway is a country driveway and it is through the trees, so not only is it a bit of a walk but if you go in there on foot you are attacked viciously by mosquitos. In addition to that, you cannot walk through a good portion of it because the water is way deeper than rubber boots. We do not own hip waders, which is regrettable. The back way, through the pasture, which is the route we have been taking, is officially much more difficult as of last night. Mike put the horses' fence back up and set them free in there. No biggie, except it is an electric fence and I am really not sure how I'd get the kids through there without shocking them. Or myself. So I sincerely hope the shale or gravel or whatever, will work on our driveway and make this place once more accessible by vehicle. It seems silly to be trapped in here, but there is only one other clear path to the road and right now there is a large amount of it underwater. The other option is to cut through the bush, but it is also full of deep water, mosquitos, wood ticks and my personal favourite, poison ivy. So it is not really a great option for hauling the boys through.

My personal victory today was getting a bunch of cleaning done in the kitchen. I got a bunch of mosquito guts cleaned off the walls and ceiling. (We kill so many it is impossible to keep up with all the smudges.) I also did a whole bunch of dishes and got the stove top cleaned and the island counter and table. I even got the floor cleaned, but of course, it is now covered in squashed cheerios...etc. that the boys dumped on it shortly after I cleaned it. (Eyes rolling.) What can I do? Really. I do everything I can and I have to let the rest go.

For now, I am having my quiet time in my room again. This is my only link to sanity. Without it, I don't even want to think about what state I would be in. I have to go check Micah again, just in case he pooped. I don't think he did though. I think he just said, "Mommy, Mout, mout." (He says everything twice. That means come out.) I think not, Micah.

Time to sign off. Bye for now.

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