Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day two of vacationing.

Okay, I'm going to do this kind of like an ongoing entry for the day. I wouldn't normally, but our night was eventful enough for an entry of its own.

I may have mentioned in my last post that it took until 9:30 p.m. local time (10:30 p.m. our time) for the boys to all settle into sleep last night. Wow. I can't say I am terribly surprised by that, but I was naive enough to think they would sleep until about 6:30 our time. Yes, that would have been 5:30 local time, but our bodies have not adjusted to the change yet, so I thought we could live with that. I also anticipated that Micah would at some point be up in the night crying because he was afraid. And he was. I don't know what time it was. I just know it was before 4 a.m. (I will only refer to local times now, as they will remain the same until we are back home again.

So the real games began at 4 a.m. Micah woke up and called out to us, as he always does when he is not sleeping at home. Fine. I did my usual routine of answering him and telling him it's okay and to go back to sleep. But he didn't. He kept complaining and loudly calling out. This is a one-room suite, so all five of us are in the same room. He was loud. Very loud. He eventually started having a really great chit-chat with us and himself, despite our unwillingness to answer him. He asked for "Nee-nex, nee-nex" (kleenex) and many other things. He was standing, not laying down, and he alternated between happy and frustrated. This went on for an hour and a half. By then, Jamie was sniffling louder than anything I've ever heard and I wished he was the one begging for nee-nex. Cody was asking if he could switch beds because Micah was so loud and he was closest to Cody. I guess the concept of our open room was lost on Cody, because there was not a spot in the suite where Micah's loud voice could be escaped, except for maybe the bathroom, if the fan was on. At 5:31 a.m. we brought Micah into bed with us. It did not work. He whined and complained until dear Daddy got up, got dressed, grabbed his car keys, and disappeared out the door with Micah. Not the approach I would have taken, but my relief was palpable and I collapsed on the bed to hopefully catch a few zzz's before everyone else was awake.

Except Cody still was. And he was complaining that he wanted to go with Dad and Micah. Grrrr! I ended up getting him to come in my bed with me because he was complaining about being cold. (He slept by the air conditioner and I don't doubt he was cold indeed.) Then I was getting kicked. Wow.

So all I know is that I woke up at 7:30 a.m. and I was the only one still in bed. Cody and Micah had been fed the continental breakfast by Mike, and Jamie was dressed and waiting for his turn. Now they are watching cartoons, with the exception of Micah, who is looking for trouble wherever he can find it. He is awfully cute, but wow, he is into so much trouble!!! That's the start of our day. I will update more later.

It is nearly 8 p.m. here, and we are just beginning the process of settling the boys for bed. They are all bathed and in their pyjamas, and now we're getting their teeth brushed.

What can I say about today? We made it to Calgary. On the way, there were many fighting moments. Just outside of Medicine Hat, Micah finally fell asleep. (In the whole day of driving yesterday, not one of the boys napped. Then they were up ridiculously late, and very early in the morning...especially Micah.) Sadly, the other two were so obnoxious they woke Micah up within about half an hour. We were mad. There was discipline doled out. Micah remained wide awake and chipper for the rest of the drive. The other two did a ton of fighting and whining. It was not the funnest drive, plus it was raining for most of the drive.

Here is Micah, sleeping with his Tigger. It really was adorable. Wish it had lasted longer.

Two highlights were worth mentioning. First, not much more than an hour out of Calgary I saw a huge moose running through a field of canola. It was the funniest thing. It was just floating through the field at a trot, but it was bouncing so high with every step. We actually turned around and went back to see if we could get a closer look and a picture, but it ended up way across the field from us so we couldn't. We got a good laugh out of it though.

The other highlight for me was my first sight of the mountains. Okay, it happened twice. I first saw "a mountain" and absolutely freaked out with excitement. Sadly, it turned out to be a false alarm. There were a ton of clouds in the sky so for a while we could not distinguish the mountains from the clouds, but when we finally confirmed a mountain sighting I was extremely excited. I did not get any pictures because the rain and clouds obscured our view too much. I was disappointed, but then decided it did not matter, seeing I was just as excited either way, and the boys probably wouldn't have been either way. It was hard for them to make the mountains out until we were right in Calgary.

We hit the pool as soon as we got here. Well, first Micah modelled his water wings in a new way.

Then Jamie decided to copy him, in his own uniquely Jamie way.

Of course, in Jamie's case he ended up sliding it all the way down and getting it stuck around his neck. Who knew a person could even fit a water wing around their neck? I thought Mike was going to have to cut it off him. Unbelievable. The pool was beautifully warm, like a tepid bath, and the water slide was psychotically fast. Mike went down. I did not. I would have, had nobody else been in the pool. As it was, it was a miracle I got in the pool at all with other people in there. I even took my shorts off so I was only wearing a bathing suit. It was not pretty, but I figured, these people will never see me again, so who cares if they find me ugly? 

After the swimming, we got ready to go on an adventure. Really, all we wanted was to find this restaurant called Pete's or Peter's, or something. It is some kind of awesome burger joint with every imaginable flavour of milkshake. It was highly recommended by a friend. I googled it and we found one that was apparently a burger place, so we mapped it out on Mike's iPhone and away we went. It was a long drive through the city, and the skies were black with increasingly frequent lightning. When we finally found the restaurant, it was conspicuously dark inside. Great, it was closed. Did I mention we did not arrive there until close to 7 p.m. our time? Okay, I said I'd stop quoting our time.

Then we had to map out a Five Guys restaurant, because Mike was having a hankering. I was not, but his was apparently very strong, so off we went. It took a while, but we eventually made it there. Our meal was uneventful. Then we had to find a milkshake place. Wouldn't you know it, we ended up back at a Dairy Queen restaurant that was barely a block away from our hotel. We could have done the burgers, fries and milkshakes not half a mile from our hotel instead of driving all over the city. Oh well. It was neat to get out and about.

Now, I am waiting for a dear friend of mine to come and meet my crew (and I hers) and then she's taking me to her place for the evening. Apparently it is nearby. I am excited about it. Mike will be doing homework, and the boys will hopefully fall asleep while I am gone. I would not be sad to miss out on the hyperactivity and the whining that will inevitably precede slumber. So I will sign off for now, seeing this is ridiculously long already. Tomorrow is Zoo day. I hope to have pictures to post. Bye for now.

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