Sunday, July 31, 2011


We survived the journey home yesterday. Jamie slept from Regina, Saskatchewan all the way to the Manitoba border, more than two hours. Micah slept for a lot of that too, probably an hour. As a result, Jamie was up until 11 p.m. last night, but we didn't care. It was worth it for some quiet on the trip. We were travelling yesterday for nine hours, and most of that was pretty uneventful, though we did have to stop at one point and switch Jamie's car seat into the middle row instead of in the back with Cody. They tend to fight, and the sound is horrible. It made me think of my parents back when we were kids. We travelled from Winnipeg to Calgary several summers in a row, a trip that took us around 16 hours with stops included. I remember spankings on occasion when we fought, but we never had the luxury of a minivan. There were three of us girls crammed across the back seat of a regular sized sedan, and wow, those trips were tough! I have always been one to cherish my personal space, and there certainly was none in that back seat. We fought. Yes, we definitely did, but we got away with very little.

I wrote that hours ago and now it is nearly midnight. I had nothing earth-shattering to say anyway, I suppose. Micah has had a lot of trouble sleeping this evening, with a lot of crying and begging to sit on my lap. Because he is still not talking really well, we don't always know what the problem is. We could only conclude that he is afraid, so his door is now open an inch and we will have to leave the bathroom light on all night. I hope that will be enough to help him. Maybe it's time to get him his own night light.

The only other thing I was going to share was that today we got our lawn back. I mean the whole thing. Mike was finally able to mow the entire front lawn, and even though the bush mower pulled behind the tractor had trouble getting through the tall, dense grass, eventually he got everything mowed and then a second time with the ride-on mower. There was enough long grass left laying in the yard that it looked as though we might actually be able to bale it, but now it looks like a yard again, for the first time this summer. Wow. What a year. So here are a few pictures.
This was taken in the evening, hence the long shadows, but I had to take it tonight because this was our first day of having a lawn this summer.

I didn't ever think we'd see a real lawn this year. Today was a very productive day inside and out. Mike mowed the lawn and did some other work outside, and I did a ton of cleaning and laundry, and even a bit of baking inside. For some reason, our beautiful condo in Canmore inspired me to clean like a crazy person, and even though it is still very messy in here, (a perpetual state with toys all around and stuff from the flooded basement sitting in a stack in the kitchen), I made progress today and feel determined to make more. Hopefully tomorrow will be as productive. I hope I will have as much energy too. 

Oh, and Jamie played with a tiny snake today. Mike caught it for him. He was delighted for hours, and even released it several times on my kitchen floor, but in the end he had to set it free outside and he bawled so hard I thought something had happened to him. He loves animals so much. 

That's it for today. I have to go to bed! Goodnight.

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