Thursday, July 7, 2011

Public Swim Time

The flood has wreaked havoc in our province among other places and it has certainly filled our lives with stress over the past couple of months. Over the last few days I am finally reaping a benefit from this flood. Our round pen, which is completely full of water, has finally attracted a duck. I just adore ducks, and I have teased Mike since we moved out here that I would love a pet duck. He has refused, of course, as he refuses all of my obscure pet requests. (A miniature donkey has been on my list for quite some time.) But a few days ago a female mallard showed up on our little "pond" and alternately swam and ate what was presumably tadpoles while we looked on from the supper table. I was beyond thrilled, though I wondered why she was alone. From what I understand, Mallards mate for life, so it is rare to see them alone. I was hoping she would bring her mate back with her, and after a couple of days, she did! Now, I am hoping they will have ducklings and I will get to see them all swimming on our pond. It is kind of a selfish wish, because if that does happen there is a chance our dog might get wind of it and kill them all. That would be devastating and I would be so mad if he did. So I am leaving it in God's hands. (Like I have a choice, right?) If they do have babies here, I will pray that He will protect them and Radar will be oblivious. It is certainly possible. There was a deer out there last night, and several other times recently, and he did not notice. Last night he did notice, but not for a long time.

Our other flood update is that Mike finally drove our vehicles up the driveway to the house today. That has not been possible since May 30th, so it was a rather big deal. Our driveway is nowhere near finished, but wow, it certainly is amazing to have the option of driving out of here other than in the bucket of a tractor.

As far as motherhood goes, things are about the same around here. Today I caught Jamie and Micah hiding in Cody and Jamie's room with a jar of peanut butter between them. They each had a spoon and were digging in. I was so mad! Why do they always have to wreck all our food?? Yesterday I found two bowls full of melted ice cream in the boys' closet with spoons in them. They also ate somewhere around ten chocolate covered granola bars between them. Then yesterday after supper when Cody and Jamie went outside to jump on the trampoline, soaking wet from the hose, Jamie stripped naked and they ran around the trampoline throwing his drenched underwear at each other. Wow. I tell people, it is a darn good thing we live out in the boonies. We would not get away with this kind of stuff in the city! Jamie is such a nudist. It's ridiculous. Micah is currently stuffing garbage into the beater bar attachment for our central vac. He is also using the garbage to spread mud around on the floor by the kitchen entrance. How wonderful. There are many other incidents that I have left unreported in here, but you get the idea. Iced tea powder eaten by the spoonful. Brown sugar canister (again) invaded by very dirty little hands. Ew.

Yep. Life as we know it. The house is a disaster, as usual, but we made some good progress on it today. Had to confiscate a large bin full of toys plus another big sack full. That has made a nice dent in the living room mess. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I'm excited to get it nice in here, so hopefully that is possible.

And now, hours later, the boys are all in bed, though I doubt a single one of them is asleep. I hear Cody and Jamie messing around in their room. How they can be awake after all their trampoline activity today is beyond me. Either way, they are in their room so it is at least somewhat quiet in here. I need to sign off now and do some reading, or maybe even some writing. The house needs more cleaning, but that will wait until the morning. Goodnight.


Jo said...

I love your little duck pond! hee hee. We had a lonely loon, but now the female has come out with 1 baby! We'll go in paddle boats again and see if we can get a photo.
As for your boys sneaking food...Can you let all the sugary stuff run out and just not replace it? It seems they go for the instant energy surge products. I had 1 other friend with this problem and that's what she did. If they wanted to sneak anything, I think she said they ended up with fruit and bread! ha ha. Guess boys will be boys, and I seem to remember some stories of your hubby as a young'un...LOL

CAT said...

Jo, that's awesome about the loon! I just love loons.

And as for the boys and their food stealing habits, I agree with you. I have already ordered a ban on chocolate pudding snack cup things. They were so handy for when Cody was in school, but I can't stand them being stolen and smeared all over...etc. Granola bars are generally kept on a very high shelf in our bedroom now. I have begged and begged Mike not to buy any more ice cream, but alas, it is his Achilles heel. Haha. He can't stop buying it. Normally we'd keep it in the basement freezer for moments such as these, but the basement is full of water, so it's too much of a pain to keep much stuff down there. This morning they got the chocolate chips too. Yeesh. Those are kept in a high cupboard, but I guess they are going to have to move into our room too. Our bedroom closet is becoming a pantry!

Angie Kroeker said...

Oh cheryl it seems you are forced to live a life full of adventure. Bucket rides to get off the yard, ducks in ponds that shouldn't even exist, and boys that know how to get any food as long as it is the stuff they want. Glad there are some things in the mix that are enjoyable.