Monday, July 4, 2011

Things are looking up!

I thought I would do a quick post in here about our flood situation, seeing it has been an ongoing theme for a couple of months now. By some miracle, we have had a couple of weeks straight with barely a drop of rain. In addition to that, it is really heating up here. (We are getting temperatures near 30 C, though it feels hotter because of the humidity.) Mike has been working hard moving pumps around and adding length to hoses...etc. to get the water away from our yard and driveway.

Yesterday we all went out for the day and I noticed a significant drop in the driveway water level on the way back through. In fact, I remarked to Mike that it had to be under a foot deep for sure, and he agreed. The further part of our driveway was more like huge muddy tire ruts with water in them, rather than completely submerged, so again, huge progress.

I went outside to take pictures today of the progress and was shocked at what I saw. Our driveway has barely any water left on it, like maybe three or four inches deep. If not for the ruts, I think we could for sure drive our normal vehicles through it! Sadly, it means our little personal beach is no longer in existence. Oh okay, that's not really sad at all! Here is a shot taken two weeks ago, for comparison's sake.

And a second shot, a view down the driveway. Barely any ground in sight, just water.

I took the above photo about half an hour ago. The ground looks like a parched desert. (That's what we're used to around here, with our very sandy soil!) Check out the beached boat at the bottom of the picture. 

Above is the view down the driveway today, after hours and hours and hours of pumping water out, over the span of days and days and days. Weeks, even. Wow. Finally it is starting to look like a driveway again!

Mike, wading through what is now a shallow puddle, compared to what we are used to. The ground is swampy and gross, but the water is only three or four inches deep now compared to about two feet before. I guess we can hold off on buying that canoe now!

Another shot of the worst part of the driveway and the "parking lot", which looked like a perfect pond for a beaver to live in before.

A semi-truck load of shale is coming here this afternoon so we can attempt to fix things up a bit. Mike will have to try to smooth the mess out first, and then put the shale down. We are not sure whether one semi-load will be enough, but it certainly will be a start. It is hard not to get my hopes up, but there is a chance we may be able to drive in and out of our yard like normal people some time in the next week. I can't even express how amazing that would be. We still need gravel to go on top of the shale, but I think the shale (if it's enough) should make it passable until we get the gravel here. Wow. Now to keep praying for hot, dry weather. Our basement is still in trouble, and one of our many sump pumps quit yesterday, so the basement now has about an inch of water in it again. We were down to just puddles prior to that. Sigh. But the driveway is more urgent right now, in a way. 

Anyway, that is my only update for today. Mike just left to go to town for more hydraulic fluid for the tractor so he can actually move the shale when it gets here. That leaves me alone with the boys. Not a huge deal, except that lately Micah really fights his nap. I was hoping to get in a rest myself today, but it may be impossible now. Oh well. The driveway is worth it. I'm off for now.

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Anita said...

Blogger needs to come up with a "like" button! So glad your yard is drying up. Now if only those pesky mosquitoes would do the same... :D