Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back In the Saddle

I have not written in here in several days, and I do have a report to give, but first I have to update my salamander story from my last post. I got Mike to read the post that evening when he was home again. He laughed and said, "That explains it!" He told me that Jamie had told him repeatedly that the salamander was in the van and he wanted to get it out. But here's the catch. Jamie told him that Micah put it there. Obviously Micah is way too small to be able to open the van, so Mike knew Jamie was lying. Therefore he did not believe him, and did not check the van. In addition to that, Mike had locked the van, obviously after the salamander was in there, so Jamie could not get back in. Jamie tried several times to tell Mike, but each time he lied, either saying that Micah did it, or that the salamander crawled into the van by itself. So, we used the whole thing as a lesson on lying for Jamie, explaining that had he told the truth, the salamander could have been saved. It was also a lesson to us. Jamie tells tales, (we're working on that), but there is often an element of truth in it...especially if he is casting blame on someone else. So we will have to be careful to listen to what he says and check it out, even if it sounds like a tall tale.

Okay, on to my other update. The day after the salamander fiasco, we went to my sister Andrea's place. My brother-in-law, Steve, went fishing with Mike and Cody and Jamie, and us girls stayed back with Micah and my almost 8 month old nephew, Alex. We had a nice time, and the guys got back at lunch time. But after lunch, I changed into my riding clothes and Andrea and I headed out to see the horses. If I have not mentioned it before, she has our horses right now, because we had to move them in the flood.

My horse, Sasha, got kicked a couple of weeks ago and has not been ridden since because she has been quite sore. In addition to that, I have not ridden her since August 4th last year, when I fell off and broke my right wrist, my right ankle and sprained my left wrist, for anyone who does not remember or has not been reading this that long. I have not been on any horse since then for a variety of reasons. But on Saturday, Andrea saddled up her horse, Indy, and I rode him. She gave me a lesson in the round pen, just to refresh me and get me past my nerves. Yes, I was quite nervous. I was even scared to go faster than a walk, but I did. Indy is a very "up and down" horse, so his gaits are not the easiest to sit. I was a complete spaz the first time I trotted him, but I improved quickly, so I was very happy with that. Then I dared to lope in the round pen, which is not the easiest, seeing it is quite small for that speed. I was nervous, again, but I did it. So after a good 15 or 20 minutes in there, Andrea saddled her new horse, Phoenix, (formerly Sasha until I ended up with a Sasha before Andrea bought hers), and we went out on the trail. The plan was to just walk, and we did mostly walk, but I did trot a couple of times and even did a short lope. I rode for at least an hour in total, and I must say, it felt quite good. I plan to go again as soon as possible, which will not be until at least Sunday. I will still be very nervous to ride Sasha again, but she is coming along very nicely for Andrea, so by the time I ride her, she should be a much different horse than she was when I had my disaster fall.

I do not have any pictures of me riding, but here are a couple of the horses.

This first one is Indy, the one I rode. He is an appaloosa, but has no markings to show it. Haha. He's a great horse, and he was perfect for me, which was nice.

This is Phoenix. She is a Quarter Horse, and she is sort of a blue roan, but not quite. She is actually a tank. She is only five, and Andrea is still working the kinks out of her, but she will be a good horse with more hours on her. She is already doing well. She's the biggest one in the herd now.
Above is Maybelline, looking very well fed. She will be starting some training very shortly, and hopefully will be ridden this fall.

And now a few before and after pictures of my Sasha. She came through the winter very well, but lost a lot of weight in the spring. She got terribly thin and we had to put her on a high calorie, high fat diet to shape her up. This first picture is horrible, but it shows how skinny she got. I think it was partly due to the bugs being so horrific at our place that the horses would just run all day to get away from them. 
So there she is, looking her absolute worst. 
And here she is now. Fantastic. She looks better now than she did when we got her. I finally have hope she is going to fill out and look like a normal Quarter Horse! 

She is still getting lots of extra feed besides the hay and grass. It's good to see her looking so healthy. Other than the lump on her face that appeared a few months ago for no apparent reason. 

Anyway, so there they are. I hope I will get a chance to ride Sasha this year, but I guess we'll see how it goes. They will not be coming back to our place for the winter, so once the snow flies I won't see much of them, I'm pretty sure. That's okay. Andrea will do lots of work with them, which is what they need. Mike does not have time with all this flood stuff we are still dealing with, and I don't have the nerve to do the training stuff, particularly with Maybelline. 

I have a lot more to say, but I will save it for tomorrow or this will get too long. Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

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