Friday, August 12, 2011

Rainy Friday

It is just after 10:30 in the morning and I am sitting on my bed in my room, in darkness. My blinds are not closed. Okay, I don't even have blinds. Where we live, we can do that, though it still makes me uneasy! Outside it is dark and rainy, very gloomy, hence the reason my room is so dark despite my lack of blinds. We are still in no position to be welcoming more rain, but here it is, so we will have an indoor day here and hopefully the fighting will be kept to a minimum.

I guess I have not written in here this week at all. At the moment, I don't remember much about my week. It has been quiet. We did go to town one day to do errands, but that was about the extent of our activities, other than supper at the farm one evening. I don't even remember which one. Yikes. The days are all blending together in the absence of defined weekends.

The one exciting thing about my week has been cleaning. Ha. So exciting, right? Well, for some reason, ever since my trip I have been extra inspired to get this place clean, or at least as organized as possible. I have done way more cleaning than I have in a long time, other than the day Micah was sick and I just sat with him most of the day because that was the only thing that made him happy. (Wow, the rain is REALLY coming down out there!)

Anyway, as I was reflecting on our house and how difficult it is to keep it clean (or even get it clean in the first place), I was struck with a perfect metaphor. My house is basically Humpty Dumpty. Five years ago we moved in to our brand new, freshly completed house. Okay, it was not even quite completed, but it was close enough, seeing I was eight months pregnant with Cody and we needed to move before I had him. Our house was beautiful. Well, to me it was. Everything was "fresh, with no mistakes in it", to quote from Anne of Green Gables. My baby room was perfect and even though our house is not even close to a mansion or anything remotely fancy, I was so incredibly grateful to be moving into this spotless place. I had lived in many apartments before it, and the mobile home just before, and all of them were filled with years of grime from previous tenants. Not this time. Here was my place. Our place. Let's call it, Humpty.

Well, then we had Cody, and the place stayed pretty clean, albeit a bit more cluttered with toys and other baby gear. When he was in his crawling stage, I confined him to the living room and covered the entire floor with bed sheets to catch the extremely frequent spit-ups. Yes, I was a first time mom, and very uptight about that stuff. It worked, but it was quite a process to stay on top of that too.

But once I had three very busy boys, that's when Humpty became Humpty Dumpty. Yep. Toys, clothes, bedding, food, drinks...anything you can think of was dumped everywhere imaginable in this house. It is still that way, and it drives me crazy, but try as I might, I can't seem to get it to change. So I started thinking about poor Humpty and how he/she indeed did have a great fall. Gone was the beautiful unmarred house we had moved into. And all the king's horses...wait, okay, so this is not a castle. We do have horses, but they were no help. And all the king's men...well, all my men...couldn't put Humpty together again. Well no kidding. They were too busy ripping it to pieces. But the biggest of the men built me some shelves yesterday and some locker-like cubbies that I have wanted for a long time. I am hoping this will help the rest of the "king's men" to keep Humpty in better shape at the very least. Here are a few pictures to show you what I am talking about.

Mike put up these shelves in a little nook in Micah's room that was previously empty. We had other plans for that spot originally, but that didn't take into account three boys. I like the shelves, and we can display his toys and his laundry basket also fits underneath, though we may yet move that, I haven't decided yet. Either way, it looks cute, in my opinion, and certainly helps to get the clutter dealt with. 

This picture is a bit on the dark side, but it shows the view from the door. Yes, Micah is still in a crib, and I dread the day we take it down because he will NOT stay in bed. And please excuse the "curtain", which is actually a fleece blanket that doesn't even cover the whole window. We have learned to be creative about stuff like that in this house, seeing the boys destroyed the blinds in their room. We cannot spend the extra cash on stuff they are guaranteed to ruin. That is also the reason I will not paint over the baby room decor, despite the desperate need. I can't do it knowing they'll write on the wall and put dents in it...etc. Some day.

There is Micah, enjoying the fruits of Mike's labour. You can see the corner of the change table in there and also the diaper pail. Hopefully in the next six months or so we will get him out of diapers and then we can get that stuff out too, which will also help. His room will feel huge then!

Okay, this is what I dreamed up, though Mike did all the building, measuring...etc. I have wanted something like this in my front closet forever, so the boys have no excuse not to hang up and put away their own things. They each have their own spot (Cody's on the far left, then Jamie, then Micah), and they can all easily hang up their own stuff and put their shoes in their own spot. This way we will not only have a more organized front entrance, but we will not have to search high and low for each shoe, hat and everything in between every time we want to leave the house. I like it!
The top spots are for their "accessories", so right now their hats and sunglasses, but in the winter they can put their toques (winter hats, for you Americans), and mitts up there, and they can hang their scarves and jackets and ski pants on their hooks. 

Mike spent a good part of the afternoon and evening getting these built, and even though they are simple in design, I am quite thrilled with them. We are one step closer to having a place that doesn't make me want to pull my hair out 24 hours a day. I hope the boys will work with us on this. Well, they'll simply have to. Micah is already trying to pull stuff out, because that's what two-year-olds do, but he'll learn. I'm hoping it will help them having spots designated for them individually. 

Outside the rain continues to pour down, and I must sign off. I will probably have to tackle the rest of the front closet now, though if I can get away with it I would like to work on my book in the quiet of my room. Maybe this afternoon I will be able to. I am nearing the end of chapter nine, so I'm almost in the double digits! I would say I am a little more than a third of the way through, and I am happy with that. I wish everyone a peaceful and happy day, rain or shine. Bye for now.


Christy said...

Love it...the cubbies are like the ones used in preschool and kindergarten. Those will be fantastic in the winter :)

CAT said...

Yes! They are very similar to what Cody has in his Kindergarten classroom, though theirs are wider and have hooks on both sides so they have room to hang their backpacks too. I am looking forward to the difference it will make in the winter. I just wish we had a better spot for them, but anywhere outside of the closet they just add clutter, because of the layout of our house. But in the closet we can pull the doors closed. It just cuts back on the jackets we can hang in their ourselves, but hopefully that will also force us to cut back on more clutter! Yay!

Christy said...

Well you can always put backpacks on top of the cubbies or use storage units on top of the shelf if you need too. Wicker baskets, the storage components in Zellers/Walmart, Winners has great stuff too depending when you can probably do quite a bit even if you can't hang stuff over top of them. If nothing else you'll have fun playing with the space finding what works best...I'm constantly doing that in our tiny house :P

CAT said...

Yes, I have already got more set up on top of them and I'm super-excited about it. I'm sure I'll keep messing with it until I can't anymore!