Wednesday, September 14, 2011


While I am not one who enjoys the intense heat in the summer, this morning's cold front caught me a little unprepared. I knew there was a frost warning last night, but I didn't expect to be affected by it very much. Sure, it was chilly this morning walking Cody (and Jamie, as it turned out today) to the bus. Indeed, it was below zero. Well, only by one degree, but it was cold, and our winter attire is not out yet. Well of course it isn't. It is not quite the middle of September, and I can't send Cody to school in a winter jacket because he will be way too hot when it warms up later. Or will he?

Everyone who knows me well knows I like my house on the cool side, though I have been less picky about that since becoming a mother, for the sake of my kids. But this morning, the thermostat read 14.4 degrees celsius in the living room. I can tell you for sure, it is accurate. It is freezing in here, and the weather outside is not even supposed to get quite that warm, so I don't know how much warming up will happen in this house today. I usually try really hard not to turn the heat on before October, and sometimes even before November, but I am seriously tempted to turn it on today. So, me and my two younger boys are hanging out in the living room where the sun is shining brightly through our bay windows. Really, it is making a valiant effort, but if it has not reached 18 degrees by mid afternoon, I might have to turn on the heat.

Exciting stuff, right? I realized this morning why it is so incredibly cold in here. We did indeed get frost last night and guess what? We have no insulation in the bottom half of our basement. Right! It got ruined in the flood. I suddenly find myself wondering how we are going to keep warm this fall. I don't believe the water is low enough down there that we can insulate just yet. All I can say is I hope things warm up again before we really get hit with our Manitoba fall weather. The days are beautiful, in my opinion, but this house is simply not prepared for winter yet. It's like it is not wearing any socks or boots yet and we are asking it to be out in sub-zero temperatures.

So, my only plan for the next little bit is to sit in this comfy chair in a nice patch of sunshine and hope the weather in the house improves. Stay warm, everybody.

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