Monday, September 12, 2011

Hectic Monday!

I suppose today is not all that hectic, but it feels like it for me. I did not get much sleep last night. Micah was up twice hysterical, and Jamie was up at 1 a.m. or so complaining of a sore mouth, which translates to a sore throat. They seem to be getting colds, which is not cool, but so far it is not too severe so that is good. I got up before 7 a.m. this morning after all the interruptions feeling very tired. I had to get Cody ready for school and then walk him to the bus again. Radar came along this time, and tried to get on the bus. I have to buy him a new collar and leash so he doesn't end up succeeding in his mission to get on board.

Micah slept in, which was nice, but I got a call this morning and we have another inspector coming to assess our flood damage. I had no notice, and I have all this paperwork to gather, so I am feeling anxious about it. Mike is going to come home briefly at lunch to help me get everything organized. I am nervous. Silly, I suppose, but I just am. Mike knows way more about what we have done to fight this flood, but I guess the inspector will have to be satisfied with just talking to me. It will be weird though, because I might have to walk to the bus to get Cody while the guy is still here, and then I will have to take the boys with me because I can't leave them alone in the house with a stranger, so the whole process will take longer than it otherwise would and he will have to wait for me.

In a fit of inspiration, I did a workout this morning before Micah got up. I had planned to do it after lunch but now I can't because of this inspector, so I'm thankful it is already over with. One small victory for my day.

And now I have to run and get lunch ready for the boys so I am prepared when Mike gets home to get all this flood stuff ready. Ick! Gotta run. Micah's in trouble again!

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