Friday, September 2, 2011

Losing the battle?

Sometimes in life it feels like everything is falling apart. Today is one of those times for me. My boys have been in terribly grouchy states since they got up this morning. I had a battle that lasted about an hour long with Cody about eating the cereal that he asked for this morning. Micah was naked when I went to get him out of bed, and there was poop smeared on his crib, his sheets, and his body. (He's in that phase right now. Maybe it's a boy thing, I don't know. All of mine went through it. The good news is, it only lasted a couple of weeks with each of them. The bad news is, those weeks were filled with horror and stress, and a lot of extra laundry and showers.) Jamie pulled Micah off a chair and he landed on his chin, bruising it and cutting his lower lip with his teeth. Cody, in his anger about the cereal battle, jumped up and down violently by the pantry lashing at our new "bolt" until the board flew up and fell down on top of him. How many days did that last?? Four days. Oh, and I didn't even mention Jamie's stunt the other day of opening the living room window and then going outside and spraying the garden hose through the window into the living room. He soaked the carpet as well as our sound system speakers and our internet router. Fabulous.

But those things are all just part of daily life with little boys. Little kids, really, as I am sure girls must do some crazy stuff too. (Though secretly I have my doubts. I just can't picture life being this insane with three girls, but I simply don't know.) I guess the real icing on the cake for me today is that my eye has flared up again and I am officially on drops again every hour until supper time on Tuesday, when I will get to see the ophthalmologist again. For some reason, when my eyes flare up it really upsets me. First, it is painful, this time much more so than it has been in a long time. But it's not just like getting a bad round of bronchitis or something, where you suffer for a while and take medicine and then it goes away. Yes, the eye drops will clear it up. The problem is, the eye drops have the potential to permanently damage my eyes. The condition itself is also very dangerous to the eyes. So every time I get this, it increases my odds of having permanent damage and I am afraid. I just took my last eye drops a week and two days ago, and now I have to start again. It's very discouraging. The thing is, I am battle-weary. I want a break.

This afternoon an inspector is coming to our place regarding flood issues. He is with an organization that will pay to have people's homes raised or even moved to a different location on their land in order to prevent future flooding. I have no idea whether they will approve us or not. I kind of doubt it. If they don't, we will be facing probable future flooding. If they do approve us, we will be facing a huge obstacle, as either project is a huge undertaking that may even require us to move out for a while. It is a daunting thought, and we have no idea what is in store for us. More than likely, we will not find out for quite some time now, unless the guy today flat out tells us there is no way we qualify. In a few hours the meeting will be behind us and we will be one step closer to finding out what we have to do to avoid ever flooding this way again.

On a happier note, I went riding again last night and it was quite enjoyable. I still have not been on Sasha yet, but that will come in the next month some time, I hope.

I must sign off now to get ready for the inspection today. I don't know what he will do or what he will tell us. The more I think about it, the more unlikely it is that we will qualify for their help, but my policy is always that it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm sure there will be more news about this in the coming weeks. Hopefully it is good news.

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