Monday, September 5, 2011

Mr. Mom to the rescue!

Mike has been back to work unofficially for a long time now, two weeks, maybe more. He has not been gone full days, but more than half days, so it has been a bit of a bummer to say the least. I know we are blessed with him working as a teacher, and now principal, that we get as much holiday time as we do, but this year our "holiday" was not what it normally would be. So, with him returning to work much earlier than I am used to, and than I was really expecting, it feels like the holiday got cut short, or at least got cut off before I was ready. Last week was kind of a tough one for me with the kids and I guess Mike must have felt bad for me because he suggested that I go away this weekend. His intention was not to get rid of me, but rather to ensure that I would get some kind of break and rest before we really get back into the official grind, which starts tomorrow. Mike is even working today, even though it is labour day and he is supposed to be at home.

So I left on Saturday morning and stayed with a good friend in the big city. I was only there overnight, and then yesterday morning I went to my grandma's place for a visit. I was there a couple of hours, which was nice, and then I dropped in on my parents, who had not known I was going to be in town. I had a short but nice visit with them too and then came home. I did not get here until around 6 p.m.

Here's the thing. No offence to my dear husband, but in all honesty, when I left on Saturday morning I surveyed the house and saw a clean kitchen and living room and all I could think about was how I dreaded returning the next day. You see, I kind of figured the house would be a mess. Again, it is not because Mike doesn't clean. On the contrary, he does clean. But the last time I was gone overnight with Cody for his eye appointment, when I came back the place was a disaster and not a single dish had been done. But Mike worked his butt off the whole time I was gone. He was working on outside stuff, flood-related, that was equally important, so I do not fault him for not getting to the dishes. But I kind of figured with him having all three boys on his own, this time would be a similar story. I was wrong. When I walked in the house, the kitchen was spotless except for a few dishes stacked by the sink that had just been used at supper time. The living room was not only clean, he had moved a bunch of stuff out that has been driving me crazy for a while now. He had done a few loads of laundry too. Basically, I came home and didn't have any work to catch up on because he did so much cleaning. Oh, he even organized the laundry room (huge job) and washed the kitchen floor. So I just wanted to proclaim my gratitude and also just wanted to say how wonderful he is. Thank you, Mike!

Now, to begin the process of survival for the next ten months. I don't know when Mike will be home today. It is nearing the end of the lunch hour and soon I will put Micah down for a nap. The kitchen is still spotless, and Micah just used the toilet and has not wet a diaper since he got up this morning, so those are some seemingly small, yet important victories. I may attempt a workout this afternoon, though in truth, I would prefer to steal a little nap and perhaps work on my book a bit. Here's hoping there will be no epic stories to tell of my boys' insane adventures after I post this. A quiet, uneventful day would be much appreciated today. I'm off for now.

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Christy said...

Awesome job, Mike!! So glad he suggested the time away for you Cheryl and you were able to relax and come home to so many wonderful (clean/organized) things. It's amazing how much that means heading into another school year! :D