Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh that proverbial fan.

I knew this day was coming. I hoped it wouldn't, but I knew better. Cody made it through a week of the back-to-school adjustment without a hitch. Really, he has been great. Sure, he had a meltdown when he got home after his first day, but it was a teary one, not an angry one. Tomorrow, he has school pictures, so he got his hair cut last night. Unfortunately, the only time we could do it was in the evening, so he did not get home until 8:30 p.m. and was not settled until almost 9 p.m. Today has been, shall we say...difficult. He has a cold, and I think with everything he is dealing with (adjusting to a new school year, taking the bus...etc.) he just kind of lost it.

So my day has been the kind that I dread. Jamie decided to join in the fray this afternoon too, and I was hit with one projectile at his hands. Lovely.

This afternoon I did a workout. It was the kind that involve a lot of punching and kicking, and I thought, Yes, this will help me blow off some steam. Surely I would feel better after that. Micah was in bed, though not even pretending to sleep. No matter. He was contained and happy, so I could still do a workout. Jamie and Cody actually obeyed me and went outside so I could do the workout in peace. Wow. Two for two. Or is that three for three? Either way, I did the workout, and it was good. Yes, it felt good to throw some punches, even though there was no recipient other than whatever my imagination conjured up. It was a tough workout, but I made it through to the last five minutes before the boys came in. Okay, I can handle that. After all, it's only five minutes, right?

Well, Jamie came in without any pants or underwear on. I demanded to know where they were. He informed me he peed in them so he needed to change. Fabulous. I had told him to use the bathroom before he went out, but he refused. I was not impressed. My relaxed, after-workout state was starting to get tense. Then Cody bugged me until I was nearly in tears of frustration and hollered at him to get out so I could do the last minute and a half in peace. By the time I was done, I was so angry I felt like the entire workout was for nothing. I told the boys I was going to shower and I went into my room. The first thing I saw was cat barf on the floor. Great! Did I mention there was also an incident earlier in the day where one of the boys peed on the floor? It was an accident, but it was also on carpet. Ack!!! Fine. I cleaned up the barf and had my shower.

It was time to release Micah from his crib. Once again, he did not settle. (He still does sometimes, so I am not being cruel leaving him in there. He seems to enjoy his solitude and I gave him a toy this time at his request, seeing I knew he would likely stay awake anyway.) When I entered the room, a very familiar odour greeted me. Yikes. I guess he pooped. I checked the crib to make sure it had not been desecrated in any way. Woo hoo! Finally a point for the home team. His pants were still on and the crib and bedding was clean. Sure, I still had to clean up a poop, but maybe things would start to go my way. Or not. It turns out he had undone his diaper inside of his pants. I will not share the details. I don't need to. It was not a fun clean-up, though it could have been much worse. Still, I was beginning to feel like today was a "Jonah Day". (That's an Anne of Green Gables reference, for anyone who does not know. Also a Bible reference, as it happens.)

Since then I have gotten things a little calmer now, though not before being violently smacked in the back with a football. Deliberately. Jamie has a good arm. He also has a bad temper. So tonight we are supposed to be going to this barbecue put on by the school division, and I desperately don't want to go. In fact, I would be delighted if Mike just took all the boys by himself and left me here. I could really use some time by myself. This is my first true disaster day since school started, and I hope it will be the last for a long time. Now I am going to attempt to read for a short time. It will probably be a bust. Yep. A bust. I have the dynamic duo with me now. Micah's fingers are brown, and (thank goodness) they smell like chocolate. There is no chocolate accessible in this house, so I think I may have a problem. Jamie just informed me there is chocolate in the laundry room. Huh? Micah just said "Chocolate chip! Chocolate chip! Bye!" and exited my room. This is why I don't want to force a smile onto my face and meet people I don't know tonight. I am just too tired to fake it. I hope it goes quickly, that's all I can say.

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